Betty Hoops at Sacred Fest

Awaken the Warrior Within at Sacred Fest
Saturday, Sept. 12th- 4:00 to 5pm
Class led by Guinness Book Athlete, Betty Hoops
Using the collapsible hoop as your dance partner, Betty will first correct the top 5 postural mistakes and teach you the Belly Pump Method. This isolates and strengthens the core so you can move from your center.  Next, dance through tribal beats and guided visualizations, connecting you to Earth, Water, Fire and Air. This develops strength, fluidity, passion and a calm mind. Then spin your prayers in the Whirling Dervish Segment with the lights out and glow hoops! Betty is one of the only hoop teachers in the country, who uses a properly sized and weighted hoop along with teaching alignment and adjustments to make sure you are moving the right way. Techniques are based in Sports Science, Yogic Breathing and Earth Medicine.