About Eaden and Deva Shantay

Creators and Owners, True Nature Healing Arts

True Nature is the nexus of Deva and Eaden’s passion and gifts. In many ways they are opposites, which provides the perfect creative tension. While they would have loved to start with the perfect business plan, True Nature has been guided by spirit every step of the way.

While Deva provides powerful insight, an eye for the aesthetic and an understanding of the way things work, Eaden has a love for personal growth, community, and creating sacred space.

Eaden grew up in a family immersed in the arts. His father was a property developer who also played jazz trumpet, his mother a modern dancer. He founded True Nature in 2007 as a space for community to gather around yoga, meditation, and sweat lodges (Lenado).

In 2009, Deva knew she needed to travel to the west, life in the fast lane as a creative director at a marketing firm had lost its luster. In the 24 hours preceding her departure from Chicago, three different people told her to visit Carbondale, CO. With an affinity for yoga, the first place she stopped when first entering Carbondale was True Nature on Main St. We’re not sure if it was Carbondale, Mt. Sopris, or True Nature but that’s where Deva’s journey west ended.

Deva began working at True Nature teaching yoga and offering workshops. A few months later, in a sweat lodge, Deva prayed for love. Cupid was having fun in that sweat lodge, on Valentines Day 2009, because a spark of light shot between Deva and Eaden.

After the lodge, Deva had a lucid dream in which Eaden came to her. The next week, following a meditation class, Deva mentioned to Eaden that she had see him in the dream time. Eaden did a double take, “what did you say?” It turns out they both had the same lucid dream on the same night. This led them to explore a deeper friendship, which, in time, bloomed into more.

Eaden’s healing journey began as a child, struggling with extensive food and environmental allergies. This led to many years of exploration with conventional and alternative medical practitioners. In his late teens he began to experience depression and food addiction which led to a thirty year personal growth journey that continues to this day.

Eaden received his MA in Clinical Psychology in 1996 and has over 25 years of experience with meditation, Native American ceremony, and yoga. He offers weekly meditation and dharma classes, Enneagram and Vedanta workshops, sweat lodge ceremonies and co-leads True Nature’s yoga teacher training with wife and partner Deva.

Deva first and foremost is an oracle. What does that mean? She can see what most others can’t. She uses this gift in her private counseling sessions with clients. Deva is also an Integrative Yoga Therapist with over 1000 hours of training, certified by Yoga Alliance at the E-RYT-500 level. She leads 200-hour yoga teacher training with Eaden as her sidekick.

Deva has always had a connection to the metaphysical realm. When young, she remembers seeing spirits in her bedroom at night but was told she was just seeing things. As a result, she blocked out what she was seeing. At 25, Deva had a near death experience snowshoeing on a sunny winter day. What was supposed to be an hour hike, turned into a nine-hour journey. After almost freezing to death, Deva and her sister were finally lead to safety by her golden retriever Miles. Following that experience, she learned that there was something else out there and her search for the truth began.

“I spent most of my early life as a non-believer of anything not seen with my physical eyes. I left that mountain a changed person,” Deva says. She began her first yoga teacher training and wanted to know everything she could about spirituality. Deva left her high-stress, anxiety-ridden career as a graphic designer in Chicago and became a yoga therapist. She focused all of her energy on studying yoga, the metaphysical realms and raising her two children.

“I began to trust what was happening and met someone who encouraged me to keep deepening. I began to let others know about my energetic, intuitive gifts,” Deva says. She loves using intuitive guidance, to support clients in finding the root of their suffering and coming into alignment with their life purpose.