April First Friday: Spring Into Wellness!

Across town this upcoming First Friday, everyone is celebrating the Spring Into Wellness!  Here’s what we have going on at True Nature.  Along with the following events, we’ll also be giving tours of the spa and sharing information about our therapists and spa offerings.
Community Acupuncture in the Meditation Room
By appointment; regular new client fee/sliding fee scale applies
Acupuncture has a wide range of applications: some of the common ailments treated by acupuncture include: anxiety, arthritis, allergies, low back pain, digestive problems, headaches, insomnia, menopause, PMS, stress, chronic pain and injuries and sciatica.
Get ready for the transition into spring and book an appointment with licensed acupuncturist Anne Van Druten for this First Friday!

First Friday “Move your SELF,” A 5Rhythms® inspired monthly movement practice
with Sakshi Keeton 6-7pm
monthly membership, punch pass or $18 drop in

In this new monthly class, we will come together in community to explore the energy of movement and sound in a safe, non-judgmental space. We will freely explore the dance of the rhythms that make up our everyday lives, thoughts, and emotions.

Each class will begin with an intention and lightly facilitated movement, transitioning then into our own creative expressions as we move through a wave of inspiring music.

Come investigate body, breath and space and cultivate present moment awareness, freedom, clarity, aliveness and ease.  No dance or movement experience necessary, just an attitude of curiosity and a willingness to engage with your Self!



Movement is the medicine. Each of us has the power and responsibility to heal ourselves, to be our own medicine man or woman… The moving center is within you.

                                                                                                                                                            ~ Gabrielle Roth

Sakshi Keeton is a lifelong student of movement. Having grown up with the disciplines of traditional and contemporary dance, she had the feeling of arriving at her true home when she first found improvisational movement expression as an adult. Within this tradition, She has extensive experience with Gabrielle Roth’s 5Rhythms® and Vinn Marti’s Soul Motion™ conscious dance practices. Sakshi is also a registered yoga teacher, and somatic therapist and she brings her wide range of body-mind understanding to her movement classes, offering her students absolute freedom of expression within a safe container of exploration.