The Ayurvedic Practice of Nasya

March Spa Special

Receive a free bottle of Nasya oil when you add a 1/2 hour Nasya Sinus Treatment to your massage. Learn about this powerful Ayurvedic practice which helps to clear congestion, soothe and lubricate the nose and sinus passages, and many other amazing benefits. Our Nasya Nose and Sinus Therapy includes warm aromatic compresses over the sinus area, a luxurious facial massage including marma sinus points and administration of a soothing medicinal oil into the nasal passage.
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The Ayurvedic Practice of Nasya

The nose is a direct pathway into the brain, sinuses, and lungs and is also considered a doorway to consciousness. It funnels our breath filled with prana, the vital life force, into the head and thoughout the body, connecting to our higher intelligence. We’ve all had those challenging days when a stuffy nose and clogged sinuses prevent us from thinking clearly. Keeping this airway clear for the breath of life is fundamental in the assimilation of prana and smooth functioning of our cerebral faculties.

Nasya, a simple daily practice of administering a medicinal oil into the nose, is a wonderful way to protect and soothe the nasal passages and relieve sinus congestion. This therapy provides needed moisture when living in dry climates. It is also helpful for headaches, alleviating stiffness in the neck and jaw area, and some eye and ear problems. Additionally, it promotes mental clarity, balances for the mind, provides relief from mental or emotional stress, and is said to improve the quality of the voice and vision.

Traditionally, there are many different herbal decoctions, powders, medicated oils and ghees used for cleansing the nasal passage. At True Nature, we offer a Tridoshic Super Nasya Oil formulated by the highly revered Dr. Lad of the Ayurvedic Institue. This balancing Nasya oil is a combination of Sesame, Olive and Coconut oils infused with Eucalyptus, Rose, Basil, Sandalwood, and Lotus.

To self-administer, lay on down with the head slightly tilted back. Drop 3-5 drops along the perimeter of each nostril, massage the outside of the nostrils and take in a few deep breathes through the nose. Rest for a few minutes allowing the Nasya oil to penetrate. Keeping a bottle of Nasya oil by your bedside and administering before bed and first thing in the morning becomes a lovely ritual to begin and end each day with conscious breath and a sense of clarity.

Some contraindications for Nasya. Avoid: when suffering from an acute health condition, infectious disease,
or fever, when bleeding, immediately before and after food, drink, or showering, during pregnancy or menstruation, before or after washing with a neti pot. Ideally wait a few hours or up day to allow full drainage of saline solution before administering Nasya.