Bobo Malay: Music by Branden

Listen to Bobo Malay: By Branden Cohen

A chant from West Africa welcoming spirit, the energies available to support us on our journey of transformation. I first heard this chant from Malidoma Patrice Some’, an initiated elder of the Dagara tribe, from the village of Burkina Faso. Malidoma, was taken from his tribe at a very early age and was raised at a Christian mission. He escaped many years later in his late teens and walked for days until he reached his tribe. With no memory of his village or family, spirit led him home. May this chant, recorded on the edge of the Crystal River at the base of Mt. Sopris, Carbondale, CO, lead us home to our true selves. If you’d like to know more about Malidoma and his journey, read the book, “Of Water and Spirit.”

Recorded with pro-tools 9, a Digi 003, Millenia pre-amps, a Brauner mic and whole lot of love. The acoustic bass and keyboard were played on a Fender Strat through a Roland Synthesizer.

Vocals and instrumentation by Branden
Album cover by Deva Shantay