C.C. White aka “The Queen of Soul Kirtan”

(FLIPPED) __(1600 x 1600 Pixels) (MASTER) C.C. White - This IS Soul Kirtan! Pic (NO TEXT) (Photo Credit by Dabling Harward) copyWith her beloved, signature burst of color (Red Head Wrap), **C.C. White’s** distinct Soul Kirtan performances have won her wide recognition as “The Queen of Soul Kirtan.”  Embodied in one exotic, soulful being, her unique, soul-flavored chant performances effortlessly enrapture audiences, lifting their vibrations sky high with powerful, soaring call-and-response vocals and masterful musicianship.  Led by the raw and beautiful sonic experience itself to rise up in ecstatic chant and dance, audiences are inspired and shaktified by the pure devotion radiating through C.C.’s exciting stage presence.  From quiet and angelic, to powerful and earth moving, her heart and entire being is within every chant!

Having also sang and recorded with such greats as:  Ben Harper, Charlie Musselwhite, Taj Mahal, Lenny Kravitz, Jason Mraz, Joe Cocker, Dhani Harrison, Jackson Browne, Crosby, Stills & Nash, and more, to C.C. music is a healing source of love.  At the early age of 2 years old, she started singing and at 6 years old began playing the piano, later on attending such prestigious institutes as Sewell Music Conservatory, and The Peabody Institute of Music

C.C.’s critically acclaimed CD *This IS Soul Kirtan!*, which debuted at the top of the iTunes World Chart is the first of it’s kind.  Featuring a thrilling blend of Kirtan, Old School Soul, Reggae, Southern Blues, Gospel, R&B, Jazz and a bit of Latin flair this CD bridged music from her roots with the timeless and devoted beauty of Kirtan.  Embraced by hearts worldwide, C.C. continues to tour the World, delivering this divine message of love and hope, and touching audiences with her huge heart and moving, uplifting voice.  C.C.’s been featured in Yoga Journal and Origin and Mantra magazines, her music’s been played on radio stations such as KCRW, Krishna Das Yoga Radio on SiriusXM, KPFK, and WRPI to name some.  For a one of a kind, soul freeing, foot stomping, body swaying, funky heart opening, Divine Soul Kirtan experience, fully immerse your soul into Ms. C.C. White!

C.C. says – “Kirtan Feels Good!”

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