Ceremony in Lenado

Dear Friends of the Sacred Red Road,

I am taking a hiatus from offering community ceremony in Lenado. It has been a time of great process and reflection. In order to move into alignment with the blue print written upon my soul and take the next step upon my path of healing, I have needed to assess every facet of my life and step away from a few things. 2012 is living up to it’s prophecy for me with all the change coming down the pipes. Along with releasing the lodges, I am also stepping down from the Waldorf Board of Trustees where I have served for the past five year. Finally, I will no longer be teaching Gracie Jiu-Jitsu but plan to continue with my training with Adam.

I am not completely dropping off the map. I will continue to co-direct TNHA with my love Deva, teach yoga classes, explore Transpersonal Hypnotherapy and NLP with the Institute of Therapeutic Learning and get back to making sacred music.

For those who have shared in ceremony in Leando and Telluride, I offer my deepest gratitude. The Sacred Red Road has been such an important part of my healing over the last twenty years. Whopela (great thanks) to my blessed teacher Jorge “Redtail Hawk” Arenivar, the Lakota Nation and my Sundance friends in Kyle and Allen, Pine Ridge, for all the medicine over the years. Your presence is ingrained upon my soul.

There may be lodges in Lenado in the future but for now, we will honor the space and the spirits of the land in other ways.

With great love, Branden (Mustang) Cohen