Intention: To learn, to heal, to love, to be and to serve.

Facilitated by: Eaden Shantay with support from Deva Shantay, Starbear and David Nickamin.

Location: 2701 County Rd. 100 (Catherine Store Rd), Carbondale, CO

Lineage: While Eaden has walked the Red Road in the Lakota tradition for over 20 years, participating in sweat lodges, visions quests and sun dances, this is not a Lakota ceremony. Our purification lodges incorporate a synthesis of eastern and western traditions, including meditative practices and yoga philosophy. There will be chants shared from many traditions.

Please consider why you are coming to the ceremony. What is your intention? This will help guide the energy in the ceremony.

We look forward to sharing sacred space with you, releasing all that doesn’t serve and welcoming the shining light and love of true self.

Pilamayeh (Thank you)