Challening With Deva, Session 2

Channeling with Deva, Session 2


What color are you?

Green and blue-ish.

How many are you?

We are here, many have come.

What density are you?

6th, 7th, and 8th density.

How can we best serve?

Heart space
Opening, loving and being free,
Many gifts, use your gifts
Different gifts for each one
Branden : needs to be out, speaking, teaching and sharing
Deva: in, go in, life of connection, choice must be made to deepen, she is making choice but it could be deeper
You step out
Use the platform. Writing, speaking, sharing, can’t be afraid to be seen, many are coming, host events, use words in songs, write of pain and over coming, Important to keep going,
Sweat lodge and vision quest, yes, connection and opening, make it true keep it true, no dogma, alive, use your tools, trust your visioning,
Possibly call it something else
Deva holds space, keeps connection to us, brings message in,

How often should we sweat?

Every two: months, need space for all things manifested. Create more space, time to breathe.

Vision Quest?

One time, 8 people, they will come. Fall, next fall, give space

No question:

Kittens are divine teachers
Clear your space, open it up, remove old, more clarity

Where do we teach yoga beginning Sept 1 until new studio is done?

Will be manifested in studio. Top floor done. Move in pieces. It’s OK will flow. Relax, let it be. As it should.

Who is the new studio director? What is his or her name?

Will be manifested. Many signs.

How can TNHA best serve?

Devas healing,
Follow passion being laid, run with it, don’t think