Channeling With Deva, Session 3

Channeling with Deva, Session 3


Who are you? What is your color? What is your name?

Female: 7 th density, golden, Sorilee

How can we make Deva more comfortable? Better attuned to your sharing?

Pyramid, quiet and peace.

Tell us about the changes that are happening right now? How can we best prepare? Serve?

Changes are taking place, as they always have. Another age of destruction.

(Whole paragraph lost here, the kitten erased with paw. Will tape record next time)

Channeling is important for you. We are thankful our messages can come through and be known. Channel often, share. With children. They are farther along than you.

I sit in a place of ease and bliss. Don’t get caught in trap of what is happening, (there is) no pain, no true pain. Stay big in presence, open in thought.

Indigo children are here to help and support. They come at a time to aid.

My message feels blocked.

Cats are divine teachers. Watch them move.

What can you share that will help us with the new studio?

Studio benefit for all. Supporting the whole. Place to enlighten. Divine beings are there. Keep following the message. Move forward. It has been set up. As it should. Stay with truth. Place to teach. Use yoga to teach. Lecture to teach. Bring in all that connect to you. Branden is for you to act. You hear this (message) through her. Teach her to trust. As you trust you, healing to enlightenment, important, tea is important, bring all in, chocolate brings in, invite children in space.

Outdoor space, good, connect with moon, outside, lots of people, each piece that comes follow it, move forward.

Hear the plane, flight enables growth, freedom, empower yourself, choose, do not get caught in dogma, do not follow others.


How can we best serve the children?

Example, be the example, let them see the way to be clear, they will follow in the end.

They are already here to serve, they choose, the turmoil, …the light, let them learn from us, actions are key, they are very powerful, let them expand, allow it to grow and manifest.

What about conflict with people in our lives?

Just a mirror, guide, too much importance, lower density, look out and see the whole, all is love, unity, all is here to teach and learn, they are teaching and learning, sacrifice for the whole, see self sacrifice as a learning, reap soil to see benefits, rake the earth, we are doing that, we chose life of destruction to benefit the whole, teaching others to understand self sacrificing. This is the philosophy. Teach to learn.

(The children and the cats where wanting to interact during the channeling session)

Every moment caught up in turmoil inside, hard to describe in your language, realize opportunity for growth, frustrated with children, calling you to home inside, inner frustration, inner frustration is from the past.

Rap up

Hurt is coming home
Underlying despair, to come home
You are loved
You forget, we remind

What about the first part of the session that got erased by the cat?

You know all, you have message
You need to trust what you already know
This is the illusion , this is the real learning
Thank you