Channeling with Deva, Session #6, Guide Rafael (8/11/12)


Channeling with Deva, Session #6, Guide Rafael (8/11/12)Questions asked by Branden in bold.HelloPlease share your name, density and color.

My name is Rafael, I am 6th density. Golden color in your spectrum. Hues translate differently.

Why are you here? To share messages, to speak and to guide, to the ones that hear. It’s important to share and to teach. Our messages have been unheard. Translation has been challenging. Much importance in this time to guide with truth, truth and knowledge. Great wisdom comes to those who hear. Wisdom from the almighty, the creator. I am pleased to have the ability to speak through this conduit, of energy, to your people.

Are there any others with you or are you speaking just for yourself? Many others are upon us. Many others are here. Many others speak their word, through channels such as this. The deeper the channel goes, the more I can share.

Is there anything we can do to make the channel more comfortable? Alignment is important, not aligned to right degree.

Which way should the channel turn? Channel should rotate counter clockwise.

How many degrees? 14 degrees.

Should we do this now? Will disrupt, for future. Best if we work through this means now.

Why do some beings in this third density make a conscious effort to awaken and some not? Challenges fall upon all. Some have higher learning, that allow the challenges to be as great, as significant. Those that are at a place to evolve and to grow from the challenges as they are opportunities upon them. Created by them, in some way. We all have the choice, to rise. Not all are willing to make the choice. It is the free will, that comes into play in your density of choice. Choosing to stand in front of all situations and see as opportunity. Allows for the greatest ability of change. This is why you are here. This is why you have incarnated in this time. Is to accept the opportunity of evolvement. We all are evolving, each density at its pace, in its own way. So free, so free we are, we all can be.

I am honored to share in this space, we are blessed to have this opportunity, to witness this growth, and this ability in change. Come rise with us, come share in this space of freedom and love. It is blissful, it is beauty, unimaginable beauty. All are opportunity to experience unimaginable beauty. The messages may appear hidden, not our intention to hide. Our intention is to be seen, when one is ready. That is why we are so grateful to be seen in this time.

What is the role of family here in the third density? Family is the interplay of life. Family is the ability to create. Family is the necessary component to learn how to serve others. How to support other’s growth. It’s a fundamental aspect in the third density. It becomes the building block of learning necessary in the higher densities. When our role is all about serving others. We are here from higher densities to serve you. Because as we serve you, we serve the whole. We are all the whole. That is the learning to understand. The third density is a small piece but the piece is vital, to the whole, as is every component. Every component on your planet serves your density, serves your living space. Vitally important we support the whole, by supporting and serving all parts and dimensions of the whole. Does that adequately answer the question of family? Yes, Thank you.

Tell us the role of marriage in the third density? Marriage is unity, it is playing the part of connecting with the divine. It is through this unity that you practice this divine connection. It prepares you for different levels of unity in the coming dimensions. Marriage is a third density tribute. It does not need to apply in the other densities. As it is needed in the third. Coming together is what is important. Finding your complementary partner, that helps you to come into wholeness. That enables you to come into wholeness. That is the importance here. It’s all practice, it’s all learning. Let it be practice and learning. Let the stress and the tension dissolve and become more a play. Have fun in your learning. If you make a mistake, you laugh and realize there are no mistakes, there are only learning and opportunities to help us all grow. Children are great teachers for this learning. Follow the children in this learning.

How can we best serve our children? You serve children as you serve all. Helping, enabling, and serving. Guiding, teaching and learning, all of these principles are the same. There is no hierarchy. Some children are more advanced than adults. Some adults can learn a lot from children. The children in this age have come in to assist. They are on a rapid path of ascension. They are able to come in at this later date because they have the opportunity to also ascend. They don’t need as long of a time period, as some adults.

Anything you can share to help Deva and Branden prepare for their marriage? Keep looking, at all that comes, this is great help for growth. These challenging, more turbulence times, enable the rapid growth necessary for the ascension. Make choices to move forward. Listen to guidance to help support. Your free will, will direct your attention.

Anything you can share to help us with today’s sweat lodge ceremony to best serve people who are coming? We are very excited for this opportunity. We are very present for this space. It is a great time to be connecting. It is a great moment to unite. See all as an aspect of the divine. Invite in all aspects of the divine into your heart space. Each being brings a mirror of reflection to assist. Many great beings will drive upon your land, will enter into the space created. There is great energy here and many light beings guiding the flow and the movement. They have been called to assist. You may call on them to go deeper. Bring in the light and the love. We are all beings of light and love. Thank you for choosing to connect and share and learn and grow.

Are there any physical changes to sweat lodge site, altar, fire circle that might help with the flow of energy? Singing and chanting are very important aspects of the ceremony. Removes thoughts from the mind. Bring in all voices to the circle. Let all be heard. All thoughts be experienced and learned from. Lining the chamber with rings (of biogenesis) will assist. A pyramid at the door will assist. More intention around the fire will assist. Teach the ceremony and live in ceremony. Honor the beings of light, honor the unseen forces that support and aid your density. Call upon them for the help and guidance you need. Pray to them.

Any other practices that you would recommend to help us with this process of ascension? Trusting the space, is important to go further. Learning to trust in totality. We are here to reassure. Allow softness of mind and rest in peace. Our guidance flows with trust. Doubt stops the flow. Anytime one doubts. Trust in love. Let the vibrations spread through. That is all there is, nothing else matters. Everything else is in, the word does not translate through.

We are happy to share and are very pleased our message can come through. We heal with love. Go forth on your journey. Unite as one. Share your gifts. Share your truths. Be open to the new and choose the new. Let go of what was. Realize all is ever changing and new. We are healing and revitalizing from the inside of the channel. Opening pathways for more light. Protection is needed, for the abundance of light to be shown.


What kind of protection are you speaking about? When light is amplified, certain beings become fearful, it is unknown. Please help surround the space of light with safety, truth and honor. Encouraging clarity and helping to maintain the space of openness. We are working on the other end, to maintain the conduit of light, flowing through different dimensions. I feel I must begin my descent?

Is it time to end this session? I feel we are coming near the end.


How often should the channel Deva connect with you? I as well as other beings are available at all times. You may need to choose a timing schedule that is beneficial to your progress, we are here and available. The choice is yours. Clarity may come from sessions. With more experience, more knowledge can come through. Practicing deeper states of consciousness will help facilitate this progress. I must go.

Thank you very much.

In love and light, I Rafael must depart. Good bye for now.

Good bye for now.