Channeling With Deva, Session 1

We have been asked by the guides to share this. Deva has been receiving wonderful information from 5 ascended masters. Though at times, guides come in for me. While Deva channels, I ask the questions. We will do our best to offer what has been received in the clearest and truest way. Blessings of love and light.

We’ll begin with a channeling from a guide named Moishe, a 5th density being:


What is your purpose?

Speaking truth
Ways of helping and livening the planet

What is your name?


What is the best way (for us) to serve?

Freedom from limitation
Awakening, opening up
Allowing, Realizing you are free
Hearing and listening
Stop distracting mind
No time to waste
Happening now
Change (is happening) now

Why are you here?

We are here serving, leading you
Not enough listening
Great change
You are ready, believe you are
Stop learning to be ready, just be ready
Fatigue is common, rest is necessary
Rest is priority
Candle burned at both ends
Speeds up process of being burnt out

What density are you?

5th density

Is biogenesis beneficial?

yes, though (the message is) confused
Majority do not understand
Key is to feel them yourself (tools)
Message is confusing
Tools are beneficial
Keep using them with new insight
Each one of us is different
Can’t all follow the same (path)
Not supposed to follow the same

Can we share this info with others?

Yes, needed, most will not recognize or follow, share wisely,
truth-is all there is, truth is light,

Do you serve self or other?

I serve all, no other or self,
Acknowledge the truth
Make choice to awaken now
Be free, teach

Why do you have so many questions? (Moishe asking Branden)

Ask them for truth
Ask self for truth
State and be known

How can we best support Deva so she can receive your message?

More rest and nourishment
Can connect always
Trust it will always be here
We will always be here
She will learn and be true
Keep following the yes not the no
Always follow truth. Heart, we are in heart, heart space, light,

Are you one being or many?

Moishe is the name I go by, this the name I go by now in your time
We don’t have time. Free
Time to go