Chilling the Heat with Refreshing True Nature Selections


As the heat of our Mountain summer begins to settle upon us, what better way to activate warm season wellness and quench the pending thirst than with some of True Nature’s selections of cold raw juices and organic fine Iced Teas? With the warmth of the mountains comes the flushing of the first local Colorado crops that we are cold squishing into raw juices everyday. Look for the selections to unfold as the extraordinary alpine produce presents itself.  Already the fruity lemonades are joining the ranks of our hearty, raw Vegetable Juices. We have also selected two of our finest organic teas that express superbly as iced teas. Our 1896 named in Honor of Joe Walsh noted tea historian, a superior Black tea blended with Orange zest, Rooibos, Rose Petals and Hibiscus. We are also chilling the award winning Liquid Jade, a blend of select Green and White Tea leaves with just a hint of Bergamot. Stay tuned as we engage the true potentials of our High Prana kitchen and unfold the many culinary possibilities of wellness achieved through amazing foods.

In good health,
Chefs David and Pam