Community Soul Dance on the Summer Solstice! This Friday 7:30-9pm

iStock_000017357614XLarge-200x3001What is a Soul Dance?

Soul Dance is an opportunity to connect with your deeper self and with a community of movers who desire to explore, express, liberate, create and have fun with their bodies in a sacred way.   There are no steps to learn, nor is experience necessary.  In Soul Dance, you will find your own unique dance from within and allow it to be expressed outwardly as you are inspired by the rhythm of the music and the community of dancers around you.   Each time you arrive in the room, you allow whatever it is you are feeling to move through you and have expression through your dance as a moving meditation.  The music will flow in a way that creates a container for the energies, elements and emotions that are present with us in fluid form throughout each day.  This gives us the opportunity to be curious about where in our bodies, hearts and minds we feel flow, and where we may feel more sluggish or notice patterns of holding.  It allows us to honor all that is present in each moment – and be mindful of our human capacity for transformation and evolution over time.

A little about Robyn Hubbard and 5Rhythms…

Soul Dance is inspired by the 5Rhythms, created by Gabrielle Roth, that follow the form of a wave of rhythmical movement exploration.  The rhythms include flowing, staccato, chaos, lyrical and stillness.  Robyn Hubbard will be facilitating the Soul Dance gatherings.  She is a student of the 5Rhythms and has a devoted personal practice in this form of moving meditation.  She is passionate about encouraging a thriving community of dance in our valley.