Community Sweat Lodge Building

Join us Saturday, June 18th for the rebuilding of our sweat lodge at True Nature, Lenado, CO. We’ll begin our work at 9am and consecrate(sweat) the sweat lodge at 4pm. An auspicious time to build and share a lodge during vision quest. We’ll be exploring self, community and nature from Wednesday, June 15th, 7pm until the closing ceremony Sunday, June 19th. You are welcome to join us at any time: bring a tent and food to share. Celebrate life in the tradition of Great Red Road of heart and spirit.

Vision Quest begins with sweat lodge, Thursday, June 16th, 9am
Build a new lodge Saturday, June 18th, 9am-4pm
Community Sweat Lodge: Saturday, June 18th, 4pm
Vision Quest Closing Lodge and Ceremony: Sunday, June 19th, 8am

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