Vicky Wall, the innovator of Aura-Soma, received the inspiration for the Equilibrium bottles as a consequence of prayer and meditation. From her earliest years, Vicky shared with her father the gift of auric vision, clairvoyance, a gift that would be enhanced in her later years even as her hereditary diabetes blinded her. She combined intuition, an awareness of subtle anatomy, a kabbalistic heritage, wisdom of the plant kingdom and a unique set of inherent capabilities to make Aura Soma.

Aura-Soma is a color care system that supports: raising your consciousness; discovering purpose and mission; healthy, functional relationships; an appreciation of self and life; and the revitalization of your energies.

Enjoy an Aura-Soma color consultation with Jacqui Forster, exploring the messages your soul is bringing through the vibrations of color. Then purchase a set of bottles to support your process, allowing your energies to combine with those in your bottle. Schedule your session at our front desk or by calling 970.963.9900.