Murtis Sacred Sculpture

Murtis are powerful spiritual tools which help us remember who we are. They are symbols that help cultivate bhakti or devotion. True Nature carries a variety of murtis related to both Hinduism and Buddhism that have great power to support your practice and spiritual evolution.

We all have different likes and dislikes and we are all working on different challenges and goals, so therefore, there are many different murtis from which to choose. Each murti aligns with a specific intention and energy. For example, Ganesha, the elephant headed deity is the remover of obstacles; Hanuman the monkey deity is spirited, restless, energetic and inquisitive; Shiva represents consciousness; Lakshmi invokes the female deity of abundance; Buddha inspires wisdom; and Quan Yin compassion, to name a few.

Essentially each murti is a doorway into the truth of self – limitless conscious existence. When you share your truth, laying your burdens down at the feet of your murti, it creates space for your own light to shine forth. Some call this grace, bliss, peace or love.

Murtis can be placed anywhere inside or outside your home or office, to support your deepest intention. Walk around True Nature Healing Arts and see which murti calls out to you.