Eating Our Thoughts! We are what we eat and think.


So here it is, an amazing luscious and fruity bounty of nature in a glass bottle. In your hand you hold an extraordinary and mindfully produced high prana juice, in front of you, delighting your senses. The colors, the passion, the joy, all explode into infinite possibilities, swirling around sound intentions towards your wellness and health. Just as it pours onto your tongue and the flavors coalesce and the sweetness of nature expresses, your old conditioned mind jumps in and shouts, “Hey! How much sugar is in this, is it organic, is this non-gmo? Gluten free? Dairy free? Is this bad for me? It tastes so good it must be bad for me.” And still, in it goes, down the pipe imbued with negative thoughts. Despite the fact that your digestive body knows what to do with the accessible minerals and nutrients, the subtle and emotional body takes the negative thought imprinted on the food, and stores it away deep into the cells of our energy body. Later, when the body calls on that little particle of stored food energy, up jumps the negative thought particles and sends our emotions and wellness into a spin. Or worse, stores and festers while it collects inside of us into various parts of our physical and sensitive bodies. One way that we all cast the spell of poor health and disease on ourselves, not thru the actual food itself, but the thoughts we blend it with. If we can do this with an amazing juice, imagine what we can do to a doughnut.

Many modalities speak of the importance of mindfulness in our intimate relationship to what we ingest and how we engage it. The Buddha’s teachings are most often credited for the statement of “all things can be medicine or poison based on our thoughts and relationship.” The beloved Dr. Emoto whom passed on last year, shared his lifetime’s work to show us the correlation and impact of thoughts and language, both negative and positive, on the visible structure of water. Humans are water, most food is water therefore it’s easy to suggest that negative thoughts ingested with a meal equal dirty and impure water stored in our emotional body. Alternately, positive, joyful and grateful thoughts while eating are likely a path to higher arenas of an enlightened and disease-free life.

As a professional Chef and alchemist for many years I have closely watched many cultural eating trends and the deeply intimate relationship we each have with our food. These intimate parameters shift often and usually follows recent science, passing fads or the preaching of different food gurus du jour. They are rarely based in intuition or internal guidance. There is certainly enough evidence to support that there are undoubtedly some ingredients and foods that may not truly support good health and wellness. Still, there is even more emerging transparencies that suggest that many of the beliefs we have around specific foods, have been intentionally demonized for less than reputable reasons and imbedded in our group mind’s belief system. A great example for me is coconuts. As a young child in a pretty hippy 70’s household, I remember the evening news reports of the detriments of coconut and coconut oil on the human condition. Because of that, I carried that belief and avoided its use for many years based on my imprinted beliefs. Now as many of us are discovering, coconuts and its oil carry exceptional benefits to humans. Worldwide global cultures that eat a lot of coconuts have numerous reductions in food-related illness and disease that many in the west encounter. Which raises for me far more important questions like: what are the thoughts, the cultural outlines, beliefs, the joy and gratitude factors associated with those societies while eating said coconuts? Is the increased health of these populations really just related to eating coconuts, or possibly the absence of extreme negative thinking and cultural stress and paralysis? I have never in decades of global travels heard anyone in Thailand, Mexico, Hawaii, or Central America devouring a delicious cold coconut with a scowl, anger or judgment directed toward the coconut. Maybe it’s the warm tropical beach in the background.

It’s easy to blame what we all judge as bad foods and associate them with the diet-related disease we encounter in the west. The prominence of dead, over-sugared, over-fattened, and over-salted foods that follow the repeated noxious and addictive ingredient trinity formula used by processed food manufacturing reflects our cultural majorities agreement to the lack of presence relating to food. Again I ask, is it really just the food itself, or the paradigm of belief and negativity that supports poor health. In the higher realms of accountability in our collective culture, we have all played the role of accomplice to this ongoing infraction somewhere. And more importantly we have the power to change it in us so that it brilliantly reflects outward.

It is unfortunate and often heartbreaking to observe many people subconsciously approving of the dysfunction. I watch time and time again people chant repeated negative mantras while eating different processed foods or even really well-prepared food. Mantras like “this is terrible for me, this is bad for me, this is going to make me fat, and this is going to kill me, but I don’t care.” I admit it, I have participated in this thinking and action at a few points in my food journey. To take the dysfunction even further, consider the thoughts stamped into our cells when eating in front of a violent movie, eating while driving, eating while arguing with your beloved, eating with no regard for how and where the food came from. How about eating something with the intense feeling of guilt for eating it? How’s that diet or cleanse that’s intended to invoke healing working when we in a moment of struggle lick a spoon of honey? I honestly watch people crucify themselves for such actions. I submit that this thinking and thought process is the real culprit in the decline of our food related human wellness. What are we all reflecting in this process, and how can we all be agents of positivity that supports ascension and transmutation?

One potential, high vibrational avenue for change and upgrading our wellness thru positive thought ingestion: Love your food, bless your food, honor your food and its sources, and show gratitude for your food. Give your food the love and intention it deserves for the energy and support it gives us. Choose to be mindful in your selection of foods. Choose foods not out of fear and subliminal coercion, but because you resonate and vibrate to the excitement in the food you have chosen. Even, and especially, when you are required to make a decision of meeting your hunger with foods that fall outside of your normal eating preferences. We were honored to prepare food for the Tibetan monks that recently came to True Nature, which inspired me in this topic. At a separate event with them later that evening, they all piled their plates with chicken and turkey chili and such. When I inquired about this, thinking they were devout vegetarians, they shared that they were grateful for the diversity and were ingesting the loving intention of the gifts. They didn’t eat this way at home, yet as part of their US journey were excited and joyful for the integration while traveling. Their joy and gratitude transmuted the food into light-filled energy.

Lastly, consider the choice of your environment for eating with equal intention. Dine with friends and family often. Support potluck gatherings where everyone’s food is the focal point of gratitude. Eat in nature. Eat in joy and laughter, and avoid eating in disharmony, anger and contention.

In our kitchen preparations at True Nature we practice what the Japanese call “Kokora.” Instilling our heart, our love and intention into what we prepare. We do our best to practice mindfulness in all aspects of creating our food, our company culture, and the environments in which our foods are offered. Rest assured that we do our part to make sure the foods and juices are imbued with as much intention and love as possible. Leaving only your reciprocity of joy and gratitude thoughts while eating it to insure its highest good for you.

So raise your high prana juices, and raise your vibrations! We are what we eat and think!

-Chef Dave Avalos