Vedanta Seminar Campout w/ Arlindo Moraes (Nagar) – Tattva Bodha

True Nature Healing Arts is honored to host Arlindo Moraes (Nagar) for this special camping weekend honoring the timeless teachings of traditional Vedanta!   Read More

The Transformational Power of Mantra: Building Courage, Determination & Enthusiasm

Explore the ancient bija, or seed, mantra “Ram” and discover the ability to overcome inertia and remember that we are truly powerful, infinite beings. This simple mantra moves us to be the finest versions of ourselves and allows us to accomplish all we set out to do.   Read More

Self Inquiry – The Big Picture of Vedanta w/ RAMJI (James Swartz)

This course unfolds the timeless, complete teaching of Self inquiry (i.e. traditional non-dual Vedanta).   Read More

Dharma Talk, A Vedanta Study Group

Exploring purpose, freedom and contentment. Vedanta is the ancient path of knowledge   Read More