Deepen Into Essence: Explore Your Yin Practice

Balance your busy life with this long, slow & gentle yin practice to penetrate your joints,   Read More

First Friday Gong Meditation

In this class, students experience a transformational sound immersion with singing bowls, bells   Read More

Essence of Soul

The True Purpose of meditation is to awaken the inner being upon doing so, ones perception of   Read More

Intro to Anat Beneil Method of NeuroMovement (AKA Feldenkrais Method)

This work, based on Feldenkrais, and allows for the brain to form new patterns in movement   Read More

Introductory to T’ai Chi Chih

T’ai Chi Chih, Joy through Movement, is a moving meditation that has just 19 moves and one   Read More

Vedanta “Self-Inquiry” Seminar w/ Ramji (James Swartz)

Save The Date: Ramji   Read More

Self-Realization Fellowship Meditation Circle

The Roaring Fork Meditation Circle meets from every First Sunday of every10 to 11am and is open to all interested people.   Read More

Dharma Talk, A Vedanta Study Group

Exploring purpose, freedom and contentment. Vedanta is the ancient path of knowledge   Read More