Awakening the Body Current®: Live Music and Sacred Sound Workshop

Awakening the Body Current: Join Scott and Shanti Medina for an experiential journey exploring   Read More

Awakening the Body Current®:SoMAntra® Evening Kirtan

Join Scott and Shanti Medina for an evening of ecstatic and embodied chants from around the globe.   Read More

Essence of Soul

Through an ancient Taoist meditative breathing practice, one learns how to present a conducive   Read More

Meditation, Mantra and Vedanta

Each gathering begins with a short meditation. A Vedanta topic is then   Read More

Winter Renewal: Yoga + Ayurveda Reset

Treat yourself to an afternoon of rejuvenation and renewal to lighten up and re-stoke your fire   Read More

Valentines Sound Immersion

Begin Your Evening with The Relaxing Vibes of 4 Majestic Gongs.   Read More

Intro To Higher Self Care

If perfect peace is our natural state, why aren't we peaceful?   Read More

Vedanta “Self-Inquiry” Seminar w/ James Swartz

Save The Date: James   Read More

Self-Realization Fellowship Meditation Circle

The Roaring Fork Meditation Circle meets from every First Sunday of every10 to 11am and is open to all interested people.   Read More

Dharma Talk, A Vedanta Study Group

Exploring purpose, freedom and contentment. Vedanta is the ancient path of knowledge   Read More