“The key to understanding the nature of the individual in relation to the world.”

Part 2 – Budhi (higher mind)

Moving through life directed by the ego, we lose sight of our truth. When we begin to heal we see and recognize the part in our soul that is connected to Mahat (a concrete representation of Spirit) and Purusha (Spirit, Oneness, Creator, God). This part of us is referred to as Budhi. It is in this place that we begin to ask questions like “is there more to life?”. These questions are a sign that we have begun to move from the narrow focus of the ego into the evolution of our Soul. It’s like we have “turned a corner” upon the path of healing. We are now in a place to ask questions, learn and explore.

The ego (the part of us responsible for physical, emotional & social survival) has no map to return home, to Purusha (Spirit). Budhi, the higher mind, provides direction. Finding our connection to Budhi brings a higher sense of peace and wholeness. We all come from spirit and will return to spirit but each of us will follow a unique path with challenges that are perfectly created, to help with our soul’s evolution.

Once we begin to ask questions about our existence and explore our truth, guidance from Budhi begins to show itself and our inner voice directs us. This is usually a turning point in our lives, a time when our perception of everything changes. We begin to find new meaning in life and see things more clearly.

With Budhi awareness, we begin to recognize Mahat (a concrete representation of Spirit) and Purusha (Spirit, Oneness, Creator, God). Mahat is the closest thing to Purusha (God). Mahat is life, land, water, etc. Mahat is what Spirit (Purusha) has created. All life on this planet was created by Spirit and is Spirit. We are all manifestations of Spirit. Our journey of life in this human form is to learn, grow and evolve into stronger more conscious Souls/Spirits. It is through this journey of human evolution that we are able to more fully expand ourselves as spiritual beings.

to be continued…