Peace Garden

Eaden and Deva Shantay designed the Peace Garden to be an oasis of serenity in downtown Carbondale, a gift to the community. Everyone is welcome to enjoy the gentle energy of mother nature that is tenderly held in the Garden. Practice yoga within the yoga spiral that can accommodate up to 30 students. Relax on the earthen (cob) couches surrounding the fire circle—a place for teaching, Kirtan (sacred music), socializing and connecting with the spirit of fire. Take off your shoes and connect with the earth on our 5 Elements Reflexology Path. Reflexology is an ancient healing art using points on the feet that correspond to various parts of the body. This path is made of natural stones in a variety of shapes and patterns, designed to massage and stimulate those reflexology points. At the east end of the reflexology path, enjoy a meditative walk in the labyrinth. Sip tea and catch up with friends at True Nature’s outdoor patio. Each of these elements of the Peace Garden is infused with the aromatherapy of herbs and the vibrant colors of flowers. Drop by for a quiet break during your work day, join us for a fire ritual or kirtan, or meditate here at sunset—the Peace Garden represents the welcoming arms of the True Nature family.

It takes a village. Offering gratitude to our landscape designers: Laura Kirk from DHM and Basalt Mountain Garden’s Ginger and Robb Jannsen. Thank you to our master gardener Megan Miller who has taken the Peace Garden to the next level with the support Kay Graybill.