Healing Power of Raw Food


Hi, health-giving-food lovers,
In this email, I respond to Robert Cohen’s rhetoric that all milk is bad and that raw milk is dangerous. Cows have thrived for centuries without mastitis and Staphylococcus aureus. That class of bacteria is unfounded in naturally husband cows. It is found only in Cows whose udders are treated chemicals such as with liquid iodine, antibiotics and other industrial chemicals. Industrially produced Iodine is used because it is poisonous; it kills bacteria on anything including teats every time a cow is milked, usually twice daily.
The course of nature is that if bio-waste, byproducts and dead cells cannot be dissolved and eliminated naturally through lymph, the body will generate microbial janitors to accomplish the tasks. When an udder is treated twice daily with an antibacterial, the cow’s body must produce a bacteria that can survive the iodine and other antibiotics. Thus you have an industrially generated class of S. aureus bacteria.

Staphylococcus aureus is found in many people, including non-dairy consumers. As in dairy cows, humans are consuming, injected and exposed to hundreds of antibacterial industrial chemicals. Their bodies must produce a thriving resilient bacteria that will withstand the industrial chemical assaults and do the janitorial work intended. Despite Mr. Cohen’s claim that it is an epidemic, several deaths a year associated with S. aureus is not epidemic but is not only an extreme exaggeration but ludicrous. He is a biochemically inexperienced alarmist.

Hundreds of millions of people have thrived on raw milk for thousands of years without causing illness or death. In fact, raw dairy has reversed death in countless cases. In my case, I was dying of medically produced stomach, blood, bone and lymph cancers at age 21. I was given weeks to live. I had been a regular Standard American Dieter and consumed lots of pasteurized processed dairy, coffee, cereals and sodas. When I was told about raw milk and began drinking it when I was supposed to die, my life turned toward health instead of death. I have outlived my medical death sentence for 43 years on a 65% raw dairy diet.

Just 4 days ago, I was in a tiny village in Thailand. An 84 year old man who had spent a month in the hospital in a neighboring town for numerous pains, was sent home to his family to die. His ailments were never diagnosed.

I had met the man over a year before. He had been an organic rice farmer his whole life in a pristine environment. When his sons grew, they managed the rice crops. Still his musculature was sound and reflected good tone and skin had rich red tones to his tan color. I was asked to say good-bye to him.

When I entered the room, about 30 people were seated on the wood floor around him, most cried. He was laid on the wood floor with a few cushions under him. His limbs were very thin with large bruises, on arms and legs. The doctors had had IVs in him constantly and, I was told, injected him with something or blood taken every 2 hours for 32 days! His daughter cried as she held one of his hands. A fan was directly blowing at his bare feet towards his head. His breathing was labored and his body was tight with tension.

I rested my hand very lightly over his weakest looking arm with the largest medically induced black bruise. His arm was still relatively well-toned but pulse was weak. I rested my hand very lightly over his his chest at the heart area. The heart was strong as were his lungs even though his breathing was shallow and weak, and moaned painfully with every breath. I rested my hand over is carotid arteries (neck) and they were strong without impedance but his neck was cold, stretched and tight with tension. I wondered how stupid the “well-educated” doctors were that had declared he would die within hours.

I could see that his body was tense because the fan was making him very cold along with the medical chemicals that had lowered his blood pressure and body temperature. I asked for the fan to be removed and for blankets. After fan was removed and blankets covered him, his body began to relax. No one there could fathom that in 91 degrees F. high humidity anyone could be cold. He was so cold that he was wrenched with tension and shivered every 30-90 seconds. Everyone thought he was experiencing some kind of death shiver. Within 10 minutes of warmth, his breathing eased, moaning decreased 80% and shivers stopped.

I had some no-salt raw butter, unheated honey and sugarcane juice in the my truck. I asked my Thai girlfriend to get them while I tried to relax the old man more with light touch and the warmth of my hands on the areas where I could see he was coldest.

When she returned minutes later, I mixed the raw butter and a little unheated honey, about 6:1 ratio respectively. We opened his mouth and I placed a teaspoon of the mixture in his mouth. His faced winced at first as if he had tasted something too rich. He was barely conscious but I could see there was some. However, within seconds, his face relaxed and his mouth enjoyed the lubrication in his intensely dry mouth caused by medical drugs, water IVs and nutritionless hospital food.

I had made the sugarcane juice several hours before. Six month before, I had sprayed the field with 30 gallons of completely unheated coconut oil produced by fermentation, to experiment with the nutrient value of some crops. I took a straw and put it into the juice, covered the top of straw with my finger, passed it over his mouth, 2 people opened his mouth and I let the juice flow into his mouth. His mouth sucked it up although he was barely conscious.

For the next 2 hours, I fed him the mixture and juice every 10-20 minutes. He was conscious and talking in less than 2 hours. When I visited him the next morning, he was outside the house on a hard bamboo platform with no cushion under him. He was weak but improving every hour while consuming the butter/honey/sugarcane juice regime. He lifted his head and sucked the sugar cane juice through a straw. His voice was completely audible and loud enough to hear about 1 meter away. He smiled and said that when he was well, he wanted to buy food from my garden.

The rhetoric from Cohen, CDC and FDA that raw dairy is a health hazard should be understood as the superstitious myth that it is. I can present over 3 million people in this country who have testified that they and families heath problems resolved or majorly mitigated by the consumption of raw dairy.

We need to educate raw milk producers that they poison teats by cleaning them with iodine, and convince them to clean teats with diluted raw apple cider vinegar. Life is so simple and rich when we extricate our minds from industrial conditioning that blames microbes for disease when it is industrial chemicals that cause disease, including cooking food. We have 150 bacterial genes to every one human gene. I reiterate, microbes are not our problem. They are our solution.
healthfully and appreciatively,