Deva w:red scarfSit for a moment and watch your breath. After taking a few deep breaths, notice if the breath is more pronounced on the inhale or the exhale. Our breath is mirroring our relationship to the polarity we are living in. In every situation or experience you will always find a black/white, yes/no, or male/female side to it. Our world is made of opposites and so are we. The issue is that we can get caught up in the drama on one side creating imbalance. I have found that the best way to witness our personal relationship with the internal play of opposites, is by watching the breath.

An “inhaler” is someone who focuses their attention on the in-breath. An inhaler often takes on more than they can handle, may have anger or rage that can come out sideways, holds on to things and has a hard time letting go.

An “exhaler” is someone who focuses their attention on the out-breath. Exhalers tend to give themselves away, puts everyone else first, and have a difficult time receiving or asking for help.

When we find out what side of the breath we focus on, we can bring awareness to the opposite side of the breath, our weaker side, to create balance. This can also help us understand our relationship to the polarity we are working with. Exhalers need to focus on inhaling and receiving abundance and the fullness of life. Inhalers need to focus on exhaling, relaxing, helping others and letting go of what no longer serves.

Sit with your breath periodically and listen to the internal guidance that is always present. Your breath will allow you to go deep inside your psyche to witness the underlying emotional patterns at play that shift your breath, mind and body.

In this season of change, creating balance in the breath will play an even greater role in your life.

Inhale + Exhale.

LoveLight ∞ OM

Deva Shantay is a psychic intuitive, yoga therapist, advanced medicinal aromatherapist and co-owner of True Nature Healing Arts with her husband Eaden Shantay. She lives in Carbondale, Colorado with her children and animals. Deva actively teaches yoga and leads teacher trainings in both yoga and intuitive development, while also supporting her clients with psychic intuitive sessions. For more information about Deva and her work, please visit: