It is generosity that keeps prosperity alive.


Generosity was born out of the heart of compassion. According to Buddhist mythology, “One day a Yogi was walking through the forest and saw a man starving. The suffering was so severe that the Yogi wanted to cut off his own arm to feed the man to end his suffering. He could see that the suffering was distracting the man from his spiritual path. When suffering is present, one can’t experience the bliss created by being spiritual.” Hence the Generosity Buddha was born to keep prosperity alive, to awaken bliss in us, and to end suffering for all.

The Year 2016 is a “9” in numerology and rules spirituality. It’s guaranteed to bring us to a new form of bliss. One of the leading roles for this year is being played by Jupiter, “The Great Benefactor.” This is about having a great supply of laughter, fun, good fortune, and abundance. Jupiter’s guidance leads us to a place where the grass is greener. The other starring role for the year is being played by Neptune, whose assignment is keeping spirituality alive by inspiring new dreams, causes, or consciousness groups. So, concepts like service, unification, humanitarianism, and volunteerism will come into the forefront in our lives.

For the last three years, we’ve been experiencing subtle, emotional energy and now the Fire element comes into play. You can expect your personality to be more passionate, dynamic, expressive, and right out front. You will succeed by being warm-hearted, giving generously, and allowing yourself to receive.