July 2015 Cosmic Check In by Beatrex Quntanna

cosmic sceneThis month is fully equipped with 2 full moons, one on the first day of the month and the second one on the 31st the last day of the month—plus 6 planets sharing space in water element just in time for the new moon on the 15th. This is an opportunity to be fully feminine and fully alive, doubling the magnet field, advancing evolution to be open to “High Touch” rather than “High Tech.” This adds a big dose of femininity to the planet opening pathways for love, relating, feeling, intuitive arts, healing arts, nurturing, home making, family, receivership, laughter, fun, and creativity.

The Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars are in Cancer, water element, while Saturn visits Scorpio and Neptune visits Pisces, also water elements. This provides for us the perfect conduit for transforming our heart mind into full operation by opening choices for the heart to express itself. Your power will then be fueled by inspiration, revelation, compassion, and adaptation. Water element provides the space for flowing feelings, rhythm, support, alignment, grace, receptivity, creativity, and magnetic space for the Divine Feminine to present us with the design for living by applying and actualizing the prosperity predicted for 2015.

First half of the month takes on the Cancer theme, I Feel and second half of the month takes on the Leo theme, I Love. (great themes for growth) The sun is at its zenith this month asking us to reach a new potential and to concentrate on an our unique characteristic to advance personally. Mercury is looking into the idea of expressing feelings, thus adding to the quality of relating. Mars is looking at how we can make changes without emotionally clinging to the past. Saturn is providing lessons that are needed to be learned and released regarding a time when we were indiscreet.  Neptune is providing pathways for deep devotion to our spiritual path rather than our devotion to our addiction. Let the water element heal you and wash away what keeps you from expressing your love nature and your feelings while riding the wave to living a prosperous life.

image001Beatrex Quntanna
 is a dynamic personality devoted to the growth and development of the human potential. She inspires, motivates, and stimulates growth with her ever present zest for life and the human experience. Beatrex is an author, poet, lecturer, symbolist and Tarot expert. She has been counseling and teaching for the past 30 years using the Tarot as an enhancement for personal and intuitive development.

She was the feature writer for The Sedona Vortex Connection Magazine and The Sedona Good Times Newspaper.

Beatrex has a diversified background in conventional counseling which enhances her highly personalized Tarot readings, lectures, workshops and seminars. Her students find her style inspiring, enlightening, entertaining and “larger than life.” Beatrex has developed workshops on love and relationships, intuition, personal power and purpose, self-esteem, moon cycles and Tarot.

Beatrex has appeared in San Diego Magazine in an article featuring the city’s psychic community. She has been interviewed and photographed by National Geographic MagazineHer book, Tarot: A Universal Language has been reviewed by magazines in Europe as well as in the U.S. Her TV appearances have included Up Front and Kaleidoscope for the Future, a PBS broadcast shown on the east coast for an entire year, Sun Up San Diegoand she has been a feature guest for numerous radio interviews. Currently she is a regular guest on Spirit Seeker Magazine’s Radio Show the first Tuesday of the month giving free readings. Beatrex also has a monthly YouTube show called Cosmic Check In presented by Janet Blessing at Lightstone Academy of Psychic Arts on the first of every month.  She is the author of the ever so popular Moon Book – Living by the Light of the Moon –  a journal to support  people in manifesting with the cycles of the moon.

She is currently writing the 2016 edition available November.