Learn to embody the symbolic material from your dreams with Robyn Hubbard

The Dreaming Body with Robyn Hubbard20131008ama_144

Saturday February 1st 6 – 9 pm and Sunday February 2nd 10:30am – 4 pm
$150, pre-register by 1/31

Take a journey into the realm of dreams and let your body be the guide. Many people are exploring and asking the deep questions of themselves in this new year… “What is important to me?” “What is my purpose?”  Your dreams are offering you both answers and support each night when you go to sleep. We have the tools to answer these questions for ourselves when we learn how to tune in. Dreams speak a universal language of the soul, and our bodies are the interpreters.  In this workshop, we will use embodied movement practices and mindful reflection to explore the guidance and wisdom coming to us through our dreams. Dreams carry treasures from the unconscious realms that when explored, bring depth, meaning and purpose to our daily life choices and the evolution of our life path as a whole.  Learn to embody the symbolic material from your dreams and access the clarity you seek.

Robyn Hubbard, DMin, is a  Certified Dreamworker and Spiritual Counselor. She has been studying and working with dreams both personally and professionally for almost two decades. She brings together a rich background of body systems, movement based healing practices, dance and mindfulness to her depth of dream work.