Meet Faith Lipori, one True Nature All-Star Yoga Teacher!

Why did you begin a yoga practice?

Faith: “I started yoga because I was very active, climbing peaks, biking, all the things we do in the Valley, and I wanted to stretch and get a little more exercise.  So, the style of yoga I started in was very exercise oriented.  This served for about a year when I realized something was missing from my practice. I felt great when I was doing it, but totally depleted and crabby after.  I wandered into another studio, took a class, was bored to tears but felt expanded, connected and content after.  The studio I wandered into was the one I ended up owning for over 6 years.”

Who has been your most profound teacher of yoga and why?

Faith: “Rod Stryker is my teacher, and has opened my eyes to the world of Yoga, a world full of Prana, transformation, meditation, devotion to the Divine, and the knowledge that she is in each and every one of us, and that we are in her.  There is no separation, no duality when you are able to shed the personal mind and its stories.”

What do you love most about being a part of True Nature?

Faith: “When I closed my studio, Eaden and Deva sent me flowers and lots of love and recognition that this transitional stage in my life was important but difficult. They welcomed me to True Nature with open arms and since then I have known every moment that I have found my teaching home.  I love the respect we all show each other, the fact that I can teach what I feel is the best for my class, the amazing students we draw in, and the beautiful space.”

Practice with Faith up to five times a week!

  • Monday @ 6pm: Balance & Restore
  • Wednesday @10:30am: Balanced
  • Wednesday @ 4pm: Stretch
  • Thursday @ 1pm: Restorative & Yoga Nidra
  • Thursday @ 4pm: Stretch