More Love by Deva


Deva:  Opening the Heart to More Love

Living in polarities we experience pairs of opposites everyday; hot/cold, yes/no, right/wrong, male/female, up/down, etc. How do we react to these opposites?

We may live in a time of active polarity, but yoga philosophy teaches us to dissolve the polarity and see that everything emerges from the same source. If we look at it as a coin, there are two sides to every coin, but neither side makes up its entirety. We need both sides to form the one coin. In this dimension of polarity, we are here to learn about unity and oneness. Yet how do we unlock and dissolve the patterns of polarity that so many of us get caught up in?

I took my kids to Santa Monica for Spring Break so we could connect to the ocean and instead became so engulfed in the environmental devastation of our land, water and air. Sadness overwhelmed us as we continually found tar and garbage littering the beaches. It became our topic of conversation, focus and mission, until one morning when I looked up at the sky and realized I was only experiencing one side of the coin. I wasn’t able to experience the beauty, the wonder, and the bliss of the vacation because I was outwardly focused on the destruction and thinking of what I need to “do” to fix it.

At that moment I went inward, and looked for what the outside experience was mirroring to me on the inside. Where was my own destruction, litter and sticky tar? Where did it live inside me? I realized that in order to move forward and truly impact change, I would need to travel inside my own heart. I would need to open up this heart, as I had closed it do to the pain I was creating with my experience. The other side of the coin is to feel and see the love and light that is always here, to open to that. I began to flip the coin and see the other side.

After that experience, the universe supported me with many beautiful moments, instead of destruction, I now saw grace.

Leaving the health food store later that same day, my son Zane (5 yrs. old)
saw a homeless man and asked me if we could give him something. We then walked over to this man and handed him a few dollars and ginger chews (Zane felt he needed something sweet). To our surprise, he asked if he could give us something. I thought to myself, what could this homeless man possibly give to us? He then handed us cardboard signs that read, “More Love.” He shared with us his mission to spread this message and to put an end to the destruction of our planet and our people. He truly needed nothing from us and had everything he needed and his passion was this message. I gazed at this man with all preconceived judgments melting away. I originally saw a homeless man, yet I left asking myself if “I” am the one who is homeless?

We believe we need four walls and a roof to have a home, he taught me that we need the connection to our hearts to be “home.” This man touched an aspect of myself that desires to be seen and heard. He showed me what it means to be in “love,” to be ” at home” and to be “awake.”

I have met some amazing people in my life, but no one as enlightened as this man. It was as if the universe asked an angel to enter into human form to pass on this message of love.

The gift and awareness for me on this trip was, “more love.” We can stop suffering in the polarities of this dimension, by opening to love. In love, there is no other side, no flip of the coin, all there is, is “MORE LOVE.”

Love & Light,


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