New Offerings at True Nature Healing Arts in 2013

Entering into a new year, we have some new and exciting things happening at True Nature Healing Arts. We will be adding a few classes to the schedule, including Kids Yoga with Maria Sanes Crane, as well as two Yoga Basics Classes focusing on vinyasa and hatha yoga.

On Wednesdays from 12-1 we will have Open Studio Time where for a $5 drop in fee you can have a self-practice hour. And last, for the month of January we will be offering a New Year’s Special of a Monthly Unlimited Pass for $80.

Beginning January 2nd, come on in and check out our new offerings!

Hatha Yoga Basics with Priscilla Dickinson

A gentle, introductory level class for practicing the basics of hatha yoga. Appropriate for beginners and intermediates looking for a calm, peaceful experience.

Vinyasa Basics with Leslie Threlkeld

This class teaches the fundamentals of vinyasa yoga for those newer to yoga or those wanting to strengthen their foundation. Vinyasa is to connect breath with movement, focusing on allowing the breath to move you instead of having the breath keep up with your movement. We will cover Sun Salutations and foundational poses, moving at a challenging yet mellow pace.