And Now There is Tea…presented by our Tea Tour Guides Dave and Pam!

True Nature’s Teas are:
Organic * Gluten free * GMO free * Local as possible * Ethically sourced * Raw where applicable *  Always high in Prana!


True Nature’s Tea Room is now open and steeping amazing tea daily from around the world. Tea plays a very important part of the overall healing and wellness intentions that True Nature is founded on and will continue to expand and grow as we embark on this journey.

Tea, the second most consumed beverage on the planet, second only to plain water, possesses a grand storied past, with a sharp and rapidly growing consumption pattern in the US. The stimulating modern and historic importance of Tea can be endorsed and celebrated throughout every major global culture. Its consumption ranges from cheerful social interaction, holistic and Ayurvedic wellness, medicinal and shamanic ceremony and just unpretentious, soothing, self-nurturing and enjoyment.

Tea, not only delicious and comforting, is currently residing on the forefront of some the planets most important compounds for human health. Modern research and study are identifying many preventative health benefits of consuming traditional and Ayurvedic teas.  The wellness benefits of consuming tea range from impacting cellular health, heart and vascular health, and anti-inflammatory support.  Many teas also show promising aid to diet maintenance, bone and muscle strength upkeep, not to mention tea has also shown considerable support to brain functions such as mental sharpness and increased sense of emotional well-being. Some flavonoids recently identified in many teas have shown the ability to pass thru the digestion process in the stomach and into the gastrointestinal tract where they provide probiotic support to other beneficial digestive bacteria.

Ayurvedic and Tisane herbal teas are carefully crafted teas that are intended to specifically address individual body challenges or encouragement to specific body doshas.  Traditionally Ayurvedic teas have been crafted abroad, predominantly India, however due to the strong interest and growth of teas, many local and domestic apothecaries and alchemists are working on creating locally relevant blends. This is something you will see evolve at True Nature this summer as our amazing bio-dynamic peace garden comes to life. In fact the first round of our select herbs will be hitting the drying rack this week. Round one from Rob and Ginger at Basalt Mountain Farm

Even with all the emerging wellness potentials of teas, it’s not just the health benefits of tea that attracts us to and catches our interest. Tea is nurturing, relaxing and sets an ambiance, a beautiful feeling and tone for a moment in time. It evokes images and spirits of past emotions connected to sensations of memories and dreams.  Tea is also mesmerizing, full of history and scandal and as sexy as any wine maker’s tales. Tea tells a story of dynasties and empires, revolution and global trade. It harbors sagas of exotic travelers walking thousands of miles through unspeakable conditions to find lost trees, trained royal monkeys picking leaves, monks meditating over sun-kissed leaves and, well, so much more.  All of the passion that goes into selection, handling, drying, curing, toasting, steeping all the way to the simple enjoyment of sipping can be evoked from a simple moment of presence with a great pot of tea. And all of this is undoubtedly the mere tip of the most exotic green tea tree to us here at True Nature.

The experience we are intending to create at True Nature is definitely one of wellness education, responsibility, and self-nurture and Tea will be one of our many pathways for achieving this. It is our intention to start slow and carefully build to all of the areas that fit into True Nature’s core philosophy.  We have researched some of the best teas to fit specific categories, and foresee many more additions to come as we all learn more ourselves. Celebrated Black teas, blended greens, biodynamic Darjeeling, delicate whites, Grade A Matcha, fermented Pu’erhs and Ayurvedic tisanes are what are currently available and leading us into this journey.  We want to be sure to really get to know each tea so that it is prepared to its best embodiment.

At True Nature we are deeply committed to healthy, researched selections of everything that enters our facility. In our selection process of teas, as well as all of our juice and food products, Organic, Gluten free, GMO free, Local as possible, Ethically sourced, Raw where applicable and always high in life prana is our standard. As we expand the menu we will also begin tea and food related education and incorporating aspects of many global tea ceremonies as well as fun social tea sippings and story telling moments ingrained in some of the worlds most important social cultures.  We look forward to seeing you, saying hello, sharing in knowledge and finding our True Nature Together.

Chef Pam and Dave
Your High Prana Tea and Culinary Tour Guides