The Path of Light and True Alignment by Eaden

favim-com-4207 With all the negative news, it’s not hard to become despondent. There’s a fine line between denying all the expressed darkness and grieving it. Yet how do we remain open and become bearers of light as planet earth and her inhabitants are being harmed? In this earth school of three dimensional polarity, there is both light and dark, balance and imbalance, right thought and action and wrong thought and action. The opposites are potentials on a continuum of choice and experience, which all support the personal and collective evolution of consciousness. Everything in nature is cyclical: The seasons, tides, day/night, the economy and birth/death. There is a perfection to this design and how it flows. In the “The Isaiah Effect: Decoding the Lost Science of Prayer and Prophecy,” Gregg Braden shares that different pathways or potentials of experience can occur in both the personal and collective. This is where free will choice and intention play a big role on the spectrum of possibility, which is infinite. In every moment, we can choose our perception of and response to unfolding experience. Do we view life from: the worm’s eye view or the eagle, blame and judgment or personal responsibility, separation or connectedness. For human beings, opposites create the friction and heat necessary for change and growth. Though the ego, our self preservation software, is comfortable with and desires the status quo. Depression results when we dam the river of energy and stop the flow of personal evolution. Can you you imagine the energy required to keep our lives unchanged, especially if we are off course from the path our soul was meant to walk? This is where sickness and addiction play their role. The body gets sick (cancer and other diseases) when we are out of balance or have too much toxicity. Sometimes, we move so far out of alignment, that a powerful sickness is a last ditch effort by our higher self to bring us back on course. With addiction, the essential is avoided, and pain, which is communicating something deeper, is covered over. Humans, the economy, and planetary ecosystems are all getting sicker because we have moved out of balance and alignment. The pendulum swings one way, then it swings back, though not before reaching its highest arc, or in our case on planet earth, the darkest hour. Everything is part of consciousness, vibrating at different frequencies. God can be found in the saint that is revered and the sinner that is despised. It’s unfortunate but maybe necessary to lose everything that’s been given – destroying the planet, killing all species, poisoning the land, water and air, before we hit rock bottom like the addict, and awaken to the truth and move back into alignment, love and purpose. What will it take for us to awaken from our slumber? What is our personal and collective rock bottom? Is it our loved ones dying of cancer, orangutans being slaughtered for Palm oil, the oceans dying from nuclear radiation and pollution, or our own children being kidnapped and then sold into sexual slavery? We are not isolated, no matter how hard our ego wants us to believe this. Each one of us is part of the whole. Everything we see outside ourselves is made of our personal and collective projection. We can change the chess pieces on the board, by controlling or changing the external but if we don’t address the board and the table it’s sitting on (all that is unresolved and hidden within us), we will forever be lost in the illusion of the game. The greatest leverage we have to positively affect the whole, is to move into alignment with the path our soul was meant to live. This requires a powerful intention and will, quieting the spinning nature of mind, and moving into whiteness consciousness through prayer, spiritual practice and meditation. For how can we hear the voice of our intuition and higher self when we are distracted by the roar of the coliseum – the media, entertainment, sports, and toxins in our food, water, land and air? Not that anything is inherently bad, for everything is a medicine or a poison, it’s just how we use it. Do we use cannabis to heal or escape? There is a power with infinite greatness that we all have access to, all the time, and that is the power of love, though not the romantic kind. This power reveals itself through the process of self realization, coming to understand who and what we are beneath sensation, emotion and thought. Let the darkness we see externally reveal all that is unfinished and unresolved within us, and then may we shine the light of awareness upon it. As we enlighten the darkness within, choosing love over fear, we walk upon the path of true alignment and offer the greatest gift of service to all creation. In loving kindness, Eaden Shantay Join Eaden for: Kirtan Infused Yoga, Monday evenings beginning 5:30pm, and for Meditation, Thursdays at 7pm at True Nature Healing Arts. To learn more about Eaden’s music visit, for support with your meditation practice visit and lastly, for community, yoga, and beautiful practices for awakening, visit