Primal Raw Food Potluck

Primal Raw Food Potluck with Q&A
With Branden Cohen and Deva Shantay
Thursday, Nov. 8th, 5-7:30pm.

Bring a dish from Aajonus’ “Recipe for living without Disease.” All are welcome whether you came to the workshop this weekend or not. Childcare available. $25 tuition.

Take your understanding of the raw food diet deeper, spend time with a community of people that will support your journey.

Branden has been exploring the primal raw diet with great benefit for the last 11 years and has hosted Aajonus in Colorado 6 times. Deva has been 100% raw for three years.

This is not a vegan raw food diet but one that incorporates meat, dairy, veggies juices and more.

Light and love, Branden