Reflecting on Change and Values

reflectionThe only constant in samsara, the realm of manifestation, is change. At True Nature Healing Arts, we are constantly honoring the process of change, taking action in alignment with our values as a business and sacred space for the community to gather.

What do we value at True Nature?

Community – Social responsibility, to our staff and the greater community. Creating a living wage and a place to grow.

Learning – About who we are, our life’s purpose, gifts and passions and what keeps us from taking action in alignment with who we are.

Sustainability – Making sound business decisions so we can keep our doors open for generations to come. But also personal sustainability which includes balance.

Our Vision Statement which adorns our front door: To Learn, To Love, To Heal, To Be and To Serve. The meaning of words varies depending on their context and our experience. Our meaning: Learning: the more knowledge we have about what is true and what is not, the more purposeful our actions become. By true we mean lasting and aligned with our values. Love: flows towards what we pay attention to. A question to consider: Do our actions align with who we are and what we value? Healing: is coming to understanding who we are as love, being and awareness. The more we understand who we are, the more we can take purposeful action in the world. Think of healing as a purification of all that is false in the realm of thoughts, beliefs and concepts. As we release that which doesn’t serve, we welcome the love, light and joy of true self. Being: is our true nature. It’s who we are as awareness. Service: Doing is an unavoidable part of life. When we do with the knowledge of who we are (pure goodness), that no action can complete us and that we are connected to all that is, our actions become a prayer and a gift to everything and everyone. Four businesses under one roof and a Peace Garden to boot!

With regards to our value of sustainability, we have made many changes in the last six months and have many more coming over the next year, all in service to our values and vision.

Tea Room: our biggest intention here is to offer health-giving foods and beverages that support a sense of community. In this end, we have a bevy of beverages including one of the largest selections of high-quality, organic, loose-leaf teas in the state of Colorado. We also serve True Nature brand Chai, Tonic Juicery cold pressed juices, shade grown coffee and smoothies. You’ll also find many sweet treats and delicious hot soup.

Yoga: We are excited to now have Ashley Weitzel guiding our yoga program. She is not only a great teacher but she also has a deep understanding of yoga and a background in business. A great combination. Our program will continue to channel energy from the ancient roots of yoga, offering a diversity of styles to suite your fancy.

Retail: Last year essential oils were our biggest seller, along with crystals, and jewelry. To honor what the community wants, we’ll be bringing in more apothecaric, my word, offerings. We are grateful to have Cody Thorne overseeing our purchasing and merchandising. Look for high-quality, artistic, medicinal, sustainable and conscious products.

Spa: We have been enjoying continued growth in our spa with Sheryl Rosenbloom at the helm. Look for Osmia Organics to play a larger roll. Of course we’ll always be finding ways to improve our products and services so you have the most nourishing spa experience.

Construction is coming soon!

We have a bee in our bonnet and want to enhance the flow of energy at True Nature. To that end, we have re-designed the onsite kitchen, retail space and tea area. Look for some activity late spring through the summer. Our spa is moving, though not far. You’ll still check in at the front desk in the Temple but in about 18 months, we’ll complete the construction of a new Kiva for workshops and trainings and Spa building. We have hired a wonderful architect, Lea Sisson, interior designer, Colin Dusenbury, builder, Keith Brand and landscape architect, Laura Kirk. All of these changes will complete our learning campus.

Additional valuable and worthy mentions: We are grateful to have Eric Mitchell at the helm, running day to day business as our General Manager. He works very closely with Priscilla Dickinson, our Office Manager. Sarah MacGregor is assuming leadership at the front desk as is Lavinia Franco in the Temple Tea Room.

Deva is on Sabbatical

Deva has decided to take the time and space for self-study. Over the last five years, she has helped guide the creation of True Nature Healing Arts and True Nature Kitchen, along with overseeing branding, marketing, retail, yoga and yoga teacher trainings. While her yoga students and intuitive clients will no doubt miss her, she is holding true to what will best serve her life and by doing so, all of life will be best served. Deva will continue to be the amazing mother she is to our children and a host of animals and partner to Eaden in both life and work, offering valuable input along the way.

True Nature Kitchen

True Nature Kitchen, a collaboration between Chef Pam Davis, Chef David Avalos, Deva Shantay and myself, is really taking off. After two years in business, we have aligned our company around our top selling products – beverages and it’s working. We are now in five (and growing) Whole Foods in Colorado with about forty-five Vitamin Cottages about to come online. We have found ourselves in the top selling beverage categories with our three coconut beverages, three probiotic Jun beverages and our Dandelion Chai. Please visit to learn more. Thank you to the True Nature Kitchen staff, a dedicated, passionate, hardworking and beautiful group of beings.

2016, the Chinese year of the monkey, is looking great. It’s time to take purposeful action, based on our values and have some fun along the way.

With love and gratitude,

Eaden Shantay

Owner, True Nature Healing Arts

Partner, True Nature Kitchen