September 2015 Cosmic Check In



September brings us into full bloom as we enter the realm of Virgo. Here we experience reality as it relates to our Leo aspirations last month that came forward with such radiance and grace. It is under the Leo umbrella that we remember our original intention for being here and get re-inspired by the sun’s radiance and potential during that time. Then when the reality of Virgo and the earth element hits us it is like trying to fit a size 16 body into a size one. Yikes—and yet it happens every year. Virgo puts us to the test by asking for the manifestation and actualization of our potential to occur by asking us to go to work and take action. This process got exaggerated in the first few days of the Virgo cycle by Saturn sitting on the sun and reminding us about the Virgo motto, “Divinity in the details.” This is usually a difficult task. Now quite the contrary is happening with the Virgo Sun coupling with Jupiter. This configuration makes living in the Virgo cycle or being a Virgo very different this year and for the next 12 months. Not only will you have your standard dominion over details, you will be able to use Jupiter’s power of expansion and good fortune to a new level of abundance. This is something to celebrate! Be willing to hold the space for your sky power connection and your earth power connection to work together developing a new reality for all of life. You will be surprised by the results.

September holds another process, there are 6 retrograde planets right now. This has a tendency to keep us in the illusion that the past has more power than the now. The caution here is to not buy into that concept (going backwards is no longer appropriate). If you feel the need to back up or re-do, please do so with love in your heart. The contemporary use of a retrograde is to bring up a part of the shadow-self that needs to find its way to the light. Simply recognize that need and give it space to find the light and move on, this keeps evolution in motion.

Retrograde planets for the month and their jobs right now are: Mercury speaking from the heart not the head. Venus impatience and self-value. Neptune buying fantasy and denial around addiction, thus avoiding your path. Uranus living in the future and missing the now. Chiron knowing healing comes from within without the need to isolate. Pluto asks us to learn to make choices beyond survival. This is a big assignment especially and when going backwards is no longer an option.

Beatrex Quntanna