Shift Your Focus by Deva Shantay

As you look out into the world, into your current scene, what do you see?

Most of us look through life as if we are caught in the center of a pin-hole camera. Our view is very limited and distorted by the small aperture of our life-lens. Expand your field to connect to a wider-array of experiences to expose the situation with more clarity.

Look straight ahead and tap into your peripheral vision. See out through the entirety of your eyes. Notice how your perspective shifts, which allows for a new field of awareness to arise.

What if this was your way of viewing your day, your co-workers, your partner? Would you view them or the situations with them differently?

Think of it as purchasing a wide-angle lens for your life-camera. Empower yourself to see more. When you do “see,” you may shift perceptions and choices that may have previously limited your fullest potential.

LoveLight ∞ OM

Deva with red scarfDeva Shantay is a psychic intuitive, yoga therapist, advanced medicinal aromatherapist and co-owner of True Nature Healing Arts with her husband, Eaden Shantay. She lives in Carbondale, Colorado with her children and animals. Deva actively teaches yoga and leads teacher trainings in both yoga and intuitive development, while also supporting her clients with psychic intuitive sessions. For more information about Deva and her work, please visit: