Solstice Sweat Lodge, Saturday, December 22nd, 11am.

Welcoming the Cycle of Love and Conscious Co-Creation

Join Branden Cohen and David “Running Crow” Nickamin, for a SWEAT LODGE CEREMONY, Saturday, December 22nd, 11am, honoring the winter solstice, the end of the Mayan Calendar and the beginning of the next grand cycle of love and conscious co-creation. Date: December 22nd, 11am. On December 21-22, 2012, the Earth and sun will align with the galactic core of the Milky Way, a very special energetic event that happens every, 25,800 years, also called the precession of the equinoxes.

The Sweat Lodge Ceremony supports the purification of the body, heart, mind and spirit. Before entering the lodge, it’s vital to know why we are participating. Intention guides the flow of energy. With good intention, we make medicine for the healing of us all. During the lodge, participants experience chant, prayer and meditation

Bring food to share for the potluck that follows, two towels, and a natural fiber mat to sit on in the lodge.

Arrive one hour before to help prepare the lodge, connect with the land and set intention. Carpool from Catherine Store Road parking lot in Carbondale on highway 82, two hours before lodge. Make a post on the TNHA FaceBook page requesting a carpool.

Running Crow and Starbear

While our lodges are influenced by the Lakota tradition, we do not share strict Lakota lodges. We honor the four doors, four directions, and the seven sacred rites handed down from the White Buffalo Calf Woman: including the chanupa (sacred pipe), inipi (sweat lodge of purification) and hanbleycha (vision quest). We also share songs from other spiritual traditions and regions of the globe. Our deepest intention is purification, healing, unity, light and love.

We place stones in the fire several hours before the lodge begins. Once they are hot, we enter the lodge and begin the ceremony. Participants enter in silence wearing comfortable clothing and a towel or natural fiber mat. If you need to leave the lodge, just say all my relationship and share your intention before exiting.

Jennifer Lane

Each lodge contains four doors (sessions) which last approximately 20-30 minutes. Between each door, we lift the front tarp, allowing fresh air and light in. The first door is dedicated to the physical, we then move into heart, mind and spirit. We also work with seven chakras or energy centers and the five elements of earth, water, fire air and either, which are here to help as are the spirits of the land.

Following the lodge, we close the ceremony by the sacred fire with the chanupa or prayer pipe. Together we put away the tarps, clean up the site and share in a pot luck meal of healthy foods prepared by the participants.

There is never a set fee for ceremony, though we do appreciate monetary donations to help cover basic costs. For additional information, please email

Deva and Branden

Ceremonies at True Nature in Lenado, CO are facilitated by Branden Cohen and David “Running Crow” Nickamin. Great thanks to Deva “Calling Eye” Shantey, David “Starbear” Avalos, Jennifer Lane, Jose Luis Cano, Delina Lopez and many more, both seen and unseen for their service to the ceremony.

Thanks to Lakota people for sharing this beautiful ceremony of light and love.

Thanks to Jorge “Redtail Hawk” for initiating us into these sacred ways.