Other Spa Offerings

Psychic Intuitive Guidance with Deva Shantay $275/hr (alternative payment options for those of varied socio-economic backgrounds)

In each session, Deva Shantay explores the root of present life challenges and guides clients to their life purpose and highest potential. Techniques used include: psychic/intuitive guidance, channeling, energy balancing, yoga, medical intuition, chakra/aura balancing and past-life reflections. Deva works with individuals, couples, families and businesses in person and by phone/Skype.

Private Yoga Sessions $125/hour, $25 for each additional person

If you are looking to deepen your yoga practice, working with injuries or limitations, or just wanting to get some friends together for a special class, private yoga instruction with one of our expert teachers is a great option. Choose between a class in one of our beautiful studios, or have the teacher come to you (extra fee applies).

Private Meditation Instruction (60 minutes) $125

Meditation is the art of concentration and the ultimate form of self-care. With daily practice, we dis-identify with the story of the mind, revealing the light of the true self – being, awareness, and joy. In this session, participants will learn how to cultivate a daily meditation practice including: sitting, focusing, breath control, mudras, and mantra (chant).

Aura-Soma Session (90 minutes) $100

Aura-Soma is a color care system that supports: raising your consciousness; discovery of your purpose and mission; healthy, functional relationships; appreciation of self and life; and the revitalization of your energies. In an Aura-Soma session or color consultation with Jacqui Forster, explore the messages your soul is bringing, through the vibrations of color, then purchase a bottle to take with you, to continue assisting in these benefits as your energies combine with those in your bottle.

Ceremonial Healing Session (90  or 120 minutes) $155/$195

We journey into the your consciousness to help release old patterns, heal emotions, purify, re-energize, re-harmonize, inspire and empower, new intentions and visions in a sacred ceremonial way to bring a deeper sense of spiritual support and guidance into your life. These ceremonies are a transformative journey into your past, present and future, intended to assist you in your awakening process.