Other Spa Offerings

Psychic Intuitive Guidance with Deva Shantay $275/hr (alternative payment options for those of varied socio-economic backgrounds)

In each session, Deva Shantay explores the root of present life challenges and guides clients to their life purpose and highest potential. Techniques used include: psychic/intuitive guidance, channeling, energy balancing, yoga, medical intuition, chakra/aura balancing and past-life reflections. Deva works with individuals, couples, families and businesses in person and by phone/Skype.

Private Yoga Sessions $125/hour, $25 for each additional person

If you are looking to deepen your yoga practice, working with injuries or limitations, or just wanting to get some friends together for a special class, private yoga instruction with one of our expert teachers is a great option. Choose between a class in one of our beautiful studios, or have the teacher come to you (extra fee applies).

Private Meditation Instruction (60 minutes) $125

Meditation is the art of concentration and the ultimate form of self-care. With daily practice, we dis-identify with the story of the mind, revealing the light of the true self – being, awareness, and joy. In this session, participants will learn how to cultivate a daily meditation practice including: sitting, focusing, breath control, mudras, and mantra (chant).

Aura-Soma Session (90 minutes) $100

Aura-Soma is a color care system that supports: raising your consciousness; discovery of your purpose and mission; healthy, functional relationships; appreciation of self and life; and the revitalization of your energies. In an Aura-Soma session or color consultation with Jacqui Forster, explore the messages your soul is bringing, through the vibrations of color, then purchase a bottle to take with you, to continue assisting in these benefits as your energies combine with those in your bottle.

Holistic Health Coaching (75 minutes) $135

Introductory Breakthrough Health session with Kerrie Martin Schur.  This introductory health coaching session provides a warm and supportive space to explore your health concerns and deepest aspirations. Clients often come to these sessions looking for a clearer path toward optimal health, perhaps confused by conflicting nutritional philosophies, and hoping to find holistic approaches to diet and self-care. With a compassionate and integrative approach, Kerrie offers guidance to help you clarify personal goals, uncover limiting beliefs, and align your inner wisdom with your deepest intentions. She strives to help clients find a nourishing and vitalizing approach to their relationship with food and self-care, and to cultivate daily practices that honor their core desires . Expect to leave with more clarity and empowered with at least one actionable step to implement right away.  Individualized Health Coaching Packages are also available.