Our State Government is Shutting Down Yoga Teacher Training Schools…Read On To Help Us Protest This!

Dear Colorado Yoga Community:

In recent weeks, Yoga Alliance has been contacting Colorado lawmakers and regulators to express the yoga community’s significant concerns with DPOS’ efforts, and to request their support. In our last alert to you, we asked for your help to raise awareness and make our voices heard.We have an important update for you on Yoga Alliance’s continued opposition to the recent efforts to impose expensive and unnecessary requirements on yoga teacher training schools (“YTTs”) by the Colorado Division of Private Occupational Schools’ (“DPOS”), and more information on how you can help.Many of you have already heeded this call, but we need more action.

If you oppose the regulations of YTTs in Colorado and want to help get elected representatives and government officials to pay attention and get engaged, please:

1.Tell the Governor, Lt. Governor, your State Senator, and your State Representative that you care. Template letters are available here. Just print, sign (including your address) and send. You can find your State Senator and Representative online by entering your address here. We need as many letters to go out as possible, so ask your fellow yogis, your friends, and your family to join the cause!

2.Voice Your Concerns at the Next DPOS Meeting. The DPOS will host a public meeting on January 27th at 9:30am in Denver. Organize a group at your studio, health club, gym or in your neighborhood and join our community to demonstrate our strong opposition to DPOS’ efforts. If you already know you want to participate, please email us at info@yogaalliance.org. We will send you further details on this event in the coming days.

3.Create a Social Media Storm. Share why you oppose these impending regulations or how they would hurt your school or YTT using the hashtag #ProtectColoradoYoga. Make sure to share and retweet our messages and updates to keep your community informed as well. If you really want to make some noise, include Governor Hickenlooper (@hickforco), Lt. Governor Garcia (@LtGovGarcia), and your state representatives in your messages.

4.Let Us Know Your Story. Are you receiving new or continuous information from DPOS? Forward along your messages at info@yogaalliance.org.

To Colorado YTTs who have been contacted by DPOS already: If you have been told to begin complying with requirements and to pay fees, please know that Yoga Alliance stands with you. But, because DPOS’ determinations are specific to each YTT, we cannot provide advice on how to respond to DPOS. If you believe the DPOS determination with respect to your YTT was wrong or if you have specific questions about your program, we advise you to seek guidance from DPOS and/or legal counsel concerning options for appealing DPOS’ determination and about any consequences to non-compliance. We hope you will join us in our efforts to oppose the imposition of these requirements on YTTs across the state.

Thank you to everyone who has already begun working with us to protect the Colorado yoga community. We look forward to continuing our efforts and stopping these burdensome requirements in their tracks.


Yoga Alliance
Yoga Alliance Registry