Still on the Hunt for Holiday Gifts?

If you are still looking for a gift for a loved one, come visit us and see our great gift options. Whether it is a yoga punch pass, an Intuitive Energy Work session with Deva, or a gift from our retail space, we have wonderful options for bringing in the new year healthfully and mindfully. Until our larger retail space finishes downstairs, we have a small but great selection of books, beautiful deity candles, colorful chakra scarves, and TNHA blue glass water bottles.

Zohar Chakra Scarves combine the sensual qualities of silk with the healing vibrations of color. The scarves are individually packaged in attractive clear gift boxes and include information that describes the healing properties of each chakra/color as well as their correlation to the bagua for feng shui cures, their connections to gemstones and astological signs, and the states of consciousness the colors on each scarf evoke. Glass Water Bottles:: Symbols and words have been shown to have a remarkable effect on water crystals as discovered by Dr. Masuro Emoto. Water receiving positive intentions, as well as clean spring water tend to turn out well-ordered, hexagonal crystals which is the ideal formation for our bodies to absorb the water. It becomes harmonized with how our bodies should take water in. The “Seed of Life” sacred geometry symbol, which is a part of the TNHA logo (and is engraved into the blue glass), is the key to grasping the expansion of new energy, information and light as it enters our awareness.

Our beautiful Deity Candles include images such as Shakyamuni Buddha, Green and White Tara, Ganesha, Krishna, and more. The Candles may be used for decorative enjoyment, or for intention, prayer and blessings. People of all faiths and walks of life use candle lighting as a way to catalyze prayers and desires. Lighting a candle helps to illuminate us when we are troubled.

If you are shopping for that person who is impossible to find a gift for, make it easier on yourself and pick up one of our Gift Certificates. These can be used for yoga, Intuitive Energy Work sessions with Deva, workshops, or retail goodies. You can’t go wrong with one of these.

Yoga Pricing
Returning Student Pass: $75 for 10 Classes
Drop in: $15
5 Punch Pass: $70
10 Punch Pass: $120
Monthly Unlimited: $99