Summer Warmth And Plant Powered ReLOVEution by Chefs Pam & Dave

food_heart-1With the summer Sun resting high on our amazing mountain town comes the increased activity of all of us here in the True Nature Kitchen. The developments of the spring will soon be making their way into True Nature. We have gone deep into the world of Plant Powered Alchemy to continue to bring you amazing living high prana delectables. Chef Pam and our sweet Alchemy department has been in full force creating new and amazing raw desserts, like the new Matcha Green Tea Cheesecake (dairy free) and an over the top Carob mousse that will keep the caffeine jitters away, and still give you the luscious depths of chocolate. And, rumors of raw, vegan frozen desserts, we shall see.

In the savory arena, Chef David’s mad science wizard hat is fully on. The magic of plant-based living cultures are almost in completion and soon the True Nature Artisanal cheese and butters will make their way into the world. We have spent a great many hours working with completely living cultures and acclimating them to creamy cashew, hemp, and chia milks as well as coconut milks. The end results will be nondairy, raw and alive yogurts, kefirs, cheeses and butters that will exceed all that you have come to love about True Nature. Look forward to the plant-based (vegan) artisanal smoked cheddar reishi cheese and shiitake white truffle cheese.

And if that’s not enough, then wait, there is more. True Nature has also been working diligently on brewing a new beverage that will take you even further, “Jun.” Jun is an ancient fermented beverage, with hints that it originally came from Tibet. If you like Kombucha, or even if you don’t, then you are going to Love our True JUN. Jun is made from green tea and raw local honey with a completely different probiotic spectrum, while Kombucha is traditionally made from fermented black tea and sugar. The champagne-like JUN is lighter, more effervescent and holds amazingly delicate and complex flavors. So far, even the non-kombucha folks have been converted to the True JUN camp. As it is a slowly growing process, amounts will be limited for a while, however we are ramping up for the Jun lovers. We will offer it on tap and eventually bottled.

With all these and so much more in the works, we look forward to seeing you all enjoying True Nature’s summer beauty and working on your wellness with amazing foods.


Chefs Pam and Dave and the True Nature Kitchen Tribe