The following is wonderful whenever your vibration and/or energy feels altered.

While tapping gently between the eye brows with the first three fingers of either hand, say the following:

By the power of the infinite creator,
all curses, flack, hooks, chords, repeaters, contracts, resistance and antagonism,
are bound and defeated and must leave me, my life, my family and my work NOW
to return to the source, to be revealed in the truth and resolved in the light
once and for all, right now
and if I have any left spins, I turn myself around right, the perfect number of times.
so be it, let it be done and it is so
(after the third time through say thank you)

While saying this, visualize it happening.

Blessings of love and light, Branden

Gratitude to Lee Beemer and Kate Eakins for their tapping mentorship.