The Wild Wisdom of Weeds: a Dandelion Day Slideshow Presentation by Katrina Blair

Friday, May 8th 7-8:30pm
Co-Sponsored by Dandelion Day, True Nature Healing Arts
& Carbondale Acupuncture Center
Suggested Donation $10
The Wild Wisdom of Weeds is a lively slide show presentation that celebrates 13 edible and medicinal plants growing everywhere on earth next to human communities. These wild plants regenerate the earth’s fertility while supporting primal optimal health for humanity. They are a global resource offering values such as nutrition, medicine, insect forage, personal hygiene and self-reliance. These wild species not only help us survive, but take the journey one step further and increase our ability to thrive in this modern time.
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 Katrina Blair began studying wild plants in her teens when she camped out alone for a summer to focus on eating wild foods.  She later wrote “The Wild Edible and Medicinal Plants of the San Juan Mountains” for her senior project at Colorado College.  In 1997 she completed a MA at John F Kennedy University in Orinda, CA in Holistic Health Education.  She founded Turtle Lake Refuge in 1998, a non-profit, whose mission is to celebrate the connection between personal health and wild lands. Turtle Lake Refuge is a wild harvested, locally grown and living foods café and sustainable education center for the community.  Katrina teaches sustainable living practices and wild edible and medicinal classes locally and globally.  She is author of a book titled “Local Wild Life- Turtle Lake Refuge’s Recipes for Living Deep” and “ The Wild Wisdom of Weeds: 13 Essential Plants for Human Survival” published by Chelsea Green 2014.