True Nature Prana Burst



Here in the True Nature Kitchen, we are always searching, experimenting, blending and most importantly tasting new ways to bring high prana into the world thru food.  The past year I began a peripheral fascination with the Bullet Proof Coffee® craze.  So in my spare time, somewhere between 12am and 5am, I started my creative investigatory noodling process that for me involves a full dive and immersion into something. I read the books and blogs, talked with bullet zealots, I got yak butter, English butter and started mounting my coffee for a while.  And as for the MCT oils corner stoning the bullet preparations, well I have long been an advocate for the health components of clean organic coconut extractions. So much so that you will find that many of our True Nature products use this and express this importance.  I found the books and material to be intriguing, some information new, some carry over from older health insertions, and a little hype. Having over 35 years in food, I often pass most material like this thru a very fine screen and tend to ingest very little.  Overall, though, the assertions related to MCT oils, and much of the other health claims, and many benefits the program offers were quite relative and well researched.

Now, I feel it is best to not overwhelm with too much science, and honestly you can dive into your own studies, in your own spare time somewhere between facebook, twitter and instagram. However the MCT oil (Medium Chain Triglycerides) are the foundation of these foods benefits. There are several types of fats that are ingested, and all of them act very differently in our bodies. Of course most people have heard of the dreaded demonized saturated fats. These fats have been the targets of much concern in relation to many diet-related illness in our culture. According to much science, overconsumption of these fats is prime targets for diet-related illness. Now my intention to spark controversy or conscious and compassionate skepticism may be coming forward here. As we are learning there is always duality in what information we are given and what is truth. Case in point, by definition coconut is characterized as a saturated fat and, for reasons unknown by many, has for many years been given the western medicine’s culinary scarlet letter. This despite the fact that cultures around the planet high in coconut diet experience almost NO heart disease, or many other diet-related illness. HMM? Naturally occurring saturated fats found in coconuts should not be confused with saturated fats that are man-made thru hydrogenation and should be considered poor food choices. These are now more commonly referred to as Trans Fats. No bueno! Remember to do a little more digging when you are pursuing a food label that is only required to give you calorie from fat and saturated fat values.

Now a bit more science, fats are defined by many indicators, how many carbon molecules they carry and in what formation, short chain, medium chain, long chain, polyunsaturated, monounsaturated, trans fat and of course saturated. Then there are the enzymatic and acid components like Omega 3 and 6, Linoleic, Lauric, EPAs, DHAs, ALAs and on and on. Bored Yet? Fats are also considered by how quickly they can go rancid at room temp, or in the body, and what they actually do in the human body. A lifetime of study if you have that kind of free time.

What is important to know about MCT oils is this: the body, for energy, readily uses MCT oils. Due to their medium chain composition, they pass thru the digestive process, bypass the liver and enter the bloodstream and are used as energy. They are not stored as fat, as many other fats and converted carbohydrate sugar fats are.  Because they pass thru the sometimes nutrient-destructive gastric acids, the additional offerings of MCT appear to become more readily available. The ranges of claims are almost Jules Vern-ish fantastic. Brain Clarity, Antimicrobial, Weight Management, Diabetic support and so on. I am in no way advocating for the potential pangea-soma cure all of our time.  In my opinion, it is just a great tool in an arsenal of human wellness ingredients.  It is also important to note that, like all ingredients, not all MCT oils are equal. The source of oil, the processing, distillation, and presence and balance of key components like C8 Caprylic Acid and C10 a more rare Capric acid component are indicators of exceptional oils.  Just for reference True Nature uses only the highest-grade MCT oils available.

Now With all that in Mind, on to the True Nature Prana Burst!

A few times a year or even more often, I remove coffee from my diet for a host of reasons. In those times, I often move to Matcha or Pu-erh tea. My prolific reasoning is that I can feel a substantial difference in the bioactivity of the different caffeine in my body. In a few words from my years of self-study, they just seem to burn cleaner and with far less if any crash that I experience with coffee. Not to mention the headaches, which are the first signs for me that I am about to go thru a coffee abstinence. In the process of one of these times starting last winter, in parallel with my Bulletproof investigations, I started alchemical-I-zing. And for this journey I took most of our True Nature Kitchen staff on the ride.  First, I started with just Matcha and MCT oils. Uhhm, we could do better. That wasn’t really doing it for us. Then we added Dandelion and Chicory root for bit more recognizable coffee robustness and dandelion health benefits. Then turmeric, cinnamon and black pepper; Anti-inflammation heaven. Next, we added dehydrated beet crystals that supports nitric oxide conversion for more clarity and increased energy. Not to be confused with Nitrous Oxide found in Dead-show parking lots, dentist offices or in fast and furious drift cars. Do your homework, I’ll talk about beet superpowers later. And finally raw cacao powder for, well, because it’s cacao; adds a bit of roundness and yum to the blend beyond the health benefits. Over the course of many months, this was our morning kitchen ritual until we landed on the Prana Burst we are proud of today. A VH1 storyteller behind the scene context of the song we call Prana Burst.

We hope you enjoy it as much as we do, not only for the extraordinary health benefits but also for the satiating warmness it offers your sense of soul. Prana Burst will be available at True Nature Healing Arts® for drinking first, and then very soon we will make the concentrate available for purchase “in house,” at retail locations and for mail order as well so you can boost your prana in the comfort of your home.

As always, blessings to your wellness path from our True Family,

Chef David


Prana Burst Additional Information

Blending Ancient Wisdom with Modern Alchemy

PRANA BURST beverage is a healthy, organic blend for the Avid Health Aficionado and Performance Sports Crowd looking for a Non-Coffee, High PRana alternative to Bullet Proof®  that supports clean energy, mental clarity and metabolic boost. PRANA BURST is powered at the core by: Clean Organic Matcha Green Tea. Originally consumed by Zen Monks to support mental lucidity and endurance of marathon meditations. The modern wisdom of current ingredients like organic MCT oil derived from coconuts are high in Medium Chain Triglycerides and balanced Capric and Caprylic Acid that support numerous whole human wellness concerns.

Prana Burst is Simple To Prepare – Simply add PRANA BURST – Ready to go concentrate- Hot water, Milk or Milk Substitute, Sweetener if desired. Add to blender.  Blend To Frothy. Awaken, and Enjoy the Burst.

Prana Burst Key Points.

  • Prana Burst Concentrate is Shelf Stable and can be stored on counter or in Refrigerate.
  • The dehydrated solids in the Prana Burst can separate and the concentrate will need to be mildly stirred prior to each use.
  • Prana Burst beverage is BEST when blended with Milk or Milk Substitute (Almond Nut). Its profile is still good however diminished in water only preparations.

True Nature Prana Burst Contains

  • Green Tea Matcha – clean caffeine, clarity and awareness, concentration, antioxidants, boosts metabolism, powerful detoxifiers, whole leaf (not just steeped leaves), fiber, chlorophyll and EGCs (catechin), Vitamin C Selenium, Chromium Zinc, l-Theanine, endurance support, Magnesium.
  • Organic MCT Oil – Medium Chain Triglycerides Provide immediate energy that the body does not store as fat, Capric Acid (C10:0) Caprylic Acid (C8:0), supports digestion, weight maintenance, energy, brain functions.
  • Organic Beet Crystals –stamina support (contains nitrates that convert to nitric oxide supporting endurance workout), inflammation support, Folate, Boron, supports blood and organ cleansing,
  • Dandelion Root – Potassium Antioxidant, blood liver and kidney cleanser
  • Chicory Root – antioxidants, Liver support, Source of plant inulin
  • Turmeric – contains Curcumin that is a ancient proven anti-inflammatory, weight maintenance support
  • Cinnamon – blood sugar support – antioxidant, metabolic support, blood sugar stabilizer.
  • Cacao- antioxidant/Magnesium balance blood pressure/heart health lowering support, Neurogenesis support.
  • Black Pepper – contains Piperine which increases bio-availability of Turmeric’s anti-inflammatory agent curcumin.