True Nature’s True JUN

Jun- the ancient, mystical herbal enzyme elixir is here. We are so excited to be offering it at True Nature Healing Arts® in Carbondale and True Nature Kitchen locations in Aspen.

Jun is a fermented tea beverage, similar to Kombucha, and so very different as well.

There are many tales of Jun’s historical past, dating back to 600 BC in northeast China. It has been cited as being a brew used by monks and spiritual warriors alike.

Jun is a blend of green tea, filtered water, and raw local honey. It is because of the honey that it is believed to have longer, much older historical roots than kombucha. Kombucha is a ferment of black tea and sugar and tends to be more acidic, forceful and yang. Jun, on the other hand, is soft, delicate, round, and yin. Its delicacy makes it a wonderful medium for a delicate infusion of flavors, as you will experience with our True Jun. So far most people think immediately of the delicacy of champagne or prosecco, only delightfully more refreshing and non-alcoholic.

Aside from the many benefits of green tea and raw honey on their own, the probiotics found in Jun, as in many fermented foods, are substantial. Jun has been cited and prescribed in ancient Chinese medicine as an herbal elixir that helps restore Chi and circulation in the body. It has also been noted for supporting: digestive and metabolic processes; support to glandular systems and sexual functions.

Regardless of the spiritual, mystical and health support claims, Jun is an amazing effervescent beverage that we are excited to be offering in our True Nature lineup.


True Nature’s current TRUE JUN “cold infused” Flavors

ETHOS – Chamomile, Vanilla, Ginger, rooibos and honeybush

PINK OPAL – Hibiscus, Rose and Lavender

STAMYCODELIA – Sarsaparilla, Chaga, Reishi, Lion’s Mane, Miatake mushroom extracts

As the cultures for Jun are harder to come by and take much longer to acclimate and grow, True Jun will be offered only as supply is available. Please be patient as we slowly ramp up our process to meet demands.

Additional information about our TRUE JUN tonic beverage:

  • True Nature’s TRUE JUN is created with Organic Fair Trade Green Tea (White Tip Jasmine), local raw honey and filtered-structured mountain water.
  • Every batch of True Nature high intention “True Jun” has a minimum of 2000 recorded chants and mantras sung to it while it is culturing, this while living in a field of sacred geometry and breathing in ionized oxygen created from Himalayan salt rock.
  • The cultures used for fermentation are called SCOBY’s (Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast). Some erroneously calls them mushroom cultures, this is only due to the way they look and, there are no mushrooms in the culture.
  • The First fermentation process engages only with the tea, honey and the SCOBY’s. In the second fermentation process, the SCOBY’s are removed and the flavoring components are added to infuse and continue fermenting.
  • When the cold infusion is complete, our True Jun is strained and placed into low temperature kegs. This process supports maintaining the freshness and effervescence of the Tru Jun. As we grow this product we will consider bottling later on.

The FDA and ATF require that beverages must be below .5% to be considered non-alcoholic. True Nature Jun registers below .2%, which is equal to or lower than some fermented foods, juices, vinegars and extracts. This is important information, particularly as the “Great Kombucha Shelf Removal” of 2010 was due to alleged alcohol levels that grew in the bottled kombucha and exceeded legal limits. The problem then and now is that test equipment that is used for beer and wine is not properly calibrated for such low amounts of alcohol and therefore provided, and still provides, inaccurate readings. True Nature utilizes labs with properly calibrated methods and machinery specifically designed for Kombucha and Jun.