What do Shamanic Astrology, Numerology, and Human Design reveal to you?

astrology-2010-01What do Shamanic Astrology, Numerology, and Human Design reveal to you?

  • Fulfilling career choices
  • Soul purpose and pathways of self-actualization
  • Relationship intent, ideal partnerships, and compatibility
  • Auspicious times to begin projects, businesses, and marriage
  • How to balance relationships, career, family, creativity, and spiritual practice
  • Optimal locations for business success, romance, creative pursuit, nurturing home
  • How best to support your children’s emotional and learning styles
  • Past life energies as patterns in you that are present today
  • Conditioning circumstances in your life
  • Where reliable and consistent energy can be found for you
  • How to make authentic decisions in your life


“The search for love is but the honest searching out of everything that interferes with love.”
– A Course in Miracles

VerDarLuz is an international speaker, life coach, shamanic astrologer, and performing artist. He is the creator of the Art of Partnership and Human Design webinar courses and the author of two books on archetypal astrology and consciousness, Codex of the Soul and Aquarius Dawns.  He has been blessed to travel, volunteer, and study in over 25 countries and teach in 7 of those countries. He has worked with Mayan and Peruvian shamans and teachers in the disciplines of western astrology, Human Design, AstroLocality, Numerology, Tantra and QiGong.  In his Life Coaching practice, he synthesizes these various tools for his clients to help them awaken to their soul mission, improve their businesses, and to attract in successful, joyful relationships.  In his workshops at True Nature, he will begin and close with live Turkish and classical guitar.

VerDarLuz’ Offerings at True Nature:
Embodying Astrology: Zodiac Yoga and Celestial QiGong
Saturday, February 28th, 3-5:30pm

Astrology is not just up in the stars – it’s right here in our bodies!!  This workshop will instruct people on how to celebrate all 12 astrological archetypes through their bodies. We begin with a warmup that opens each part of the body through its astrological correspondence.  We will then focus on breath practices (pranayama) for each of the four elements.  Then subsequently move into Zodiac Yoga and Celestial Chi Kung to teach various postures and movements and explore the body parts and health practices that are associated with each sign of the zodiac.  In addition to archetypal affirmations, we will invoke the deities associated with each sign from Hindu, Buddhist, and the Greco-Roman traditions.  We will also discuss the 12 astrological houses and which house corresponds to the study of health and how this knowledge can be applied in your daily life for greater self-awareness, empowerment, and overall holistic wellness.
Evolving Intimacy with Shamanic Astrology and Sacred Circling

Sunday, March 1st, 11am-1:30pm
by donation!

In this workshop, we will discuss the archetypes of love, sex, and intimacy in your birth charts through the role of the divine masculine Mars and the sacred feminine Venus.  You will learn how to recognize and honor your version of the god and goddess. We will also explore how relationships are shifting in the emerging Aquarian Age.  Our day will culminate with our sacred circle practice. Sacred circles are reverential and fun ritual circles we create to honor and adore each other.  Utilizing eye gazing, meditative questions, and the archetypes of the zodiac, we rotate partners in a sacred sharing to help participants discover the full spectrum of their souls—from holding patterns, to edges, to places of power.  Come solo, with friends, or with your beloved for this magical day of divine remembrance!

Why is this workshop by donation?  It’s all in the stars!  Ver explains: “With eclipses and god and goddess Mars and Venus in fiery Aries, March will be a wild, exciting, and surprising ride in the realm of relationships. Authenticity, autonomy, and innovations in partnership paradigms will challenges us all to liberate any static energy and stuck patterns in our beloved connections.  This workshop will empower you to embrace your shadow and radiate your light in all relationships, as we gain both clarity and confidence in expressing our sacred masculine and divine feminine in the return to union.”



Here’s some juicy information from VerDarLuz’ latest newsletter:

“Sexy Sky Conjunction of the
God and Goddess”


Perhaps you noticed this Valentine’s weekend, the sweet nectar sky alignment of the Yin and Yang of the zodiac, sacred masculine Mars and divine feminine Venus.  In the early evening hours for the next few weeks, you will spy a rare and striking consummation of the erotic couple Mars and Venus as they spend their last week in the sign of Pisces, before their big move across the fiery Aries threshold late February and March.  Don’t miss this unique sky event.  Just look for the brightest object in the sky, resplendent and glamorous Venus in Pisces, and right above her, passionate poet Mars.

For now, the deities of affection, intimacy, passion, aggression, and defense invite us to consider the Piscean archetype of love.

Mars in Pisces is unabashedly seductive and dreamy.  Vision Johnny Depp in Don Juan Demarco and consider the following:

*The word romance conjures up these images or experiences for me…..

*This…..is what I feel about Soul-Mates

*This…..is what I feel about Twin Flames

Venus in Pisces seeks a cinematic experience of fantasy and idealism in relationship, sometimes leading to disappointment or disillusionment when reality sets in.  Explore the following:

*What conditions or expectations to I put on love or my lover?  What would it take for me to release these expectations and transmute my love from personal to transpersonal?

*Name a film that either encapsulates your love life….or that you imagined yourself in, in terms of its love themes.

*How can you take your ideals in partnership and bring them into practical form?  What magical fairy dust can you sprinkle into your partnership to allow the mystical and spiritual to emanate in each moment?

Visit Rumi, Hafiz, and other poets of the Beloved this week as we return to our Source through sacred union.

Aquarian Medicine: The New Moon  

Mercury has finally left his retrograde phase and will spend the rest of the month continuing his extended cycle in Aquarius, giving us ample opportunity to “kinnect” with our tribe, communities, and fellow visionaries.  It is now the season when some of us begin to plan our summer of transformational festivals and expansive travels.  During the retrograde, I found some really wonderful resources regarding such festivals.  Visit….




With the New Moon in Aquarius, at the very last degree of the sign, Wednesday begins an ideal two week cycle to launch new projects and venture forth with our future plans.

To learn more about the Aquarian Age, check out this video from a lecture on the topic I gave in 2014 as we discuss the shifting paradigms and potentials in the emerging Age of Information and Energy.

The writing below is an exploration of the unfolding Aquarian themes in our world from my book Aquarius Dawns: The Shamanic Artist and the Rise of the Wounded Healer.

“The evolutionary imperative is what drives Aquarius. Thus, Aquarian ideals are founded on constantly revolutionizing the present moment. In this, there is little time for personal wounds, shadow-triggers, and blame to run the show. For Aquarius, it is always a question of the appropriate use of creative energy. The pillars of the emerging zeitgeist will be humanitarian, group efforts and technological advancements which assist the realization of equal opportunities and maximized personal freedom for all people.

And as a microcosm of the macrocosmic creator, the ways in which I can best offer my unique gifts to the Aquarian collective is to radically oppose the idea that I know what is the best way. This Aquarian approach is experimental and adaptive, it does not let the king-ego, the shadow of the cowardly lion Leo, manipulate a situation.

Just like the Pisces-Virgo polarity, in order to inaugurate the Aquarian age, we must beware the shadow polarity of Leo—egocentrism, the conceited artist, the irresponsible child, the self righteous drama queen, the arrogant dictator. We must instead sip the Leo medicine—unconditional creativity, the generous and open heart, the spontaneous and playful child, the artist who serves humanity.

To do this, I must get out of the way enough to allow myself to be the most appropriate channel for service at this time. My duty as creator, is to respond to the needs of the community in an act of selfless service.”

Aquarius Dawns available atdivinetimingcoaching.com