What is Tantra? :: A Weekend of Conscious, Connected Love

What is Tantra? The word brings up giggles and raised eyebrows; isn’t Tantra all about strange sex positions and racy taboo ideas? Fantastic sex is one outcome of consciouslove_picTantricteachings, but you can’t get there if you don’t begin with the basic foundation: Tantra is a yogic practice. The basic foundation of Tantra is about connecting to your partner in a compassionate, open, receiving way, allowing the two of you together to journey through heightened awareness of each other, of self, and through this union, of a transcendental energy. The result of this can be truly wonderful ecstatic afternoons spent rolling around in bed with each other.

In this first introductory workshop weekend, you will learn the 1001 modalities of touch, the art of receiving touch, concepts of the Tantric Kiss, the art of giving without an outcome or goal in mind, the art of connecting in a profound way to your partner.

For women, especially women who have been through painful or traumatic sexual experiences, Tantra can provide a safe foundation from which to rediscover your body, and be open to feeling again. It is also a wonderful place for partners of women with body concerns to learn to become gentle facilitators of ecstatic connection.

Join Kate Howe this Saturday, February 24 from 1-4pm and Sunday, February 25th from 11-2 at True Nature Healing Center for this introductory seminar. All participants will be clothed, all practical practice during class will be safe and appropriate for a community class. You do not need to be a couple to participate, singles are welcome. Homework will be given for at-home practice.