Why Your Body Needs a Cleanse


 Why Your Body Needs a Cleanse
Many people don’t understand why our bodies need to be detoxed and make the assumption that
our bodies should be able to cleanse naturally. If we still lived the way we did a thousand years ago and
ate that way too, a cleanse would indeed be unnecessary. Unfortunately, that is not the case! In
today’s world, every moment of every day the body is exposed to pollutants and toxins, not to mention the mysterious foods we sometimes put into our bodies! From the curious chemicals in our cleaning products, to the pollutants in our air, to food preservatives in our diet, toxins are coming at us from all directions, and the body works overtime to detoxify and recover from the harm they cause.
To Cleanse is to Detox
     Detoxing your life is an extensive process, one that seems overwhelming when we first see the many areas of our lives that need modifying. Instead of feeling helpless as you stare at a mountain of issues, just start with one step, the most important step: clean up the diet and clean out the body.  We live in an age of decadence and indulgence. We love our food!  And that is okay, as long as we can find balance in taking pleasure in our plates, in addition to giving the body a well deserved break every season. We are entering the prime time, the best seasonal transition, to cleanse and detox our bodies. Spring! Spring is not just a time for cleaning out the closets, taking clothes and food to the thrift store and soup kitchen. It is a time when nature provides us with not only the best climate for ridding the body of toxins and excess build up from winter, but also the best cleansing foods for our diet to aid us in that process.
Learn More About How to Cleanse and Detox Your Body in April at True Nature!
     Beginning on Monday, April 1st, I will be leading a month long cleanse at True Nature Healing Arts i Carbondale with the intention of giving the body that much needed break and restoring balance and lightness to the body after the heaviness of winter. In addition to two lectures, members of the cleanse group will receive email support from me, recipes, grocery lists, and additional handouts to support them in the cleanse. If you are missing either workshop, I will be holding teleconference make up calls the day after each class. Whether you join the group or not, do take advantage of this beautiful time to cleanse physically, emotionally, and mentally and make space in yourself for Spring!
Please email me with your questions at leslie@atmaprema.com. For more information on the cleanse, visit www. truenatureheals.com.