Yoga and the Energy of Summer

“Long stormy spring-time, wet contentious April, winter chilling the lap of very May; but at length the season of summer does come.”     –Thomas Carlyle

sunflowers fieldSummer is nature’s glorious exhale.  Prana from dormant seeds and root systems bursts forth with abundant colors, smells, tastes and shapes; rivers run with purpose and vitality; the outdoors feels so alive and so juicy…what a blessing to move into this summer that is so green and ripe with possibility!

One of the major principles of Ayurveda, yoga’s sister science, revolves around how we recreate.  At the top of Ayurveda’s list for maintaining wellness and longevity, along with diet, are spending time outside in nature and spending time practicing yoga.   In our valley, summer begins and there are so many things we can do in nature—hiking, biking, climbing, boating, star gazing, insert your favorite summertime activity here—that our yoga practice often falls to the wayside.  This summer, let’s play with finding and sustaining the balance point.

When we skillfully weave our nature time with our time on the mat…and occasionally even practice our yoga on rock, sand, grass or in the forest…we begin to realize that the prana we draw from nature deepens our yoga practice.  We feel a heightened connection to our highest self, the essential goal of yoga.   On the other hand, a yoga practice supports our time in nature by stabilizing our joints and stretching muscles that have tightened from recreating outside.  Yoga asana removes stagnation in our own energy flow which helps us to connect more intimately with the energy flow that surrounds us on the Western Slope:  our clean air, beautiful mountains, valleys, rivers and the creatures with whom we share the space.

When we spend time doing both, we come to the sweet understanding that the energy we work with inside of us is nothing more than our own unique expression of the energy found in nature…they are one in the same.  May we all connect to that Truth this summer, and have fun doing it!

Find the balance point this June by taking advantage of our awesomely cheap summer punch pass and also check out the events we are hosting:

  • Free Yoga in the Park every Sunday from 5-6pm
  • First Friday Kirtan with Vamadeva on 6/7 at 7:30pm
  • Bhakti Yoga gathering with Savitri Dasi 6/9 from 12-3pm
  • Deva’s 6th/7th chakra workshop on 6/9 from 4-6pm
  • Ashley’s Mantra workshop on 6/15 from 2-4pm
  • Robyn Hubbard’s Soul Dance on the Summer Solstice, 6/21 from 7:30-9:30pm

Blessings on your summer!