Yoga for Skiers and Athletes…and Anyone with Tight Hips and Quads!

This Saturday, January 31st, 4-6pm, $25 Pre-reg by 1/29

The purpose of this workshop is to help those of us with tight hips and quads  find more mobility, freedom, and breath in the body. Strong quads are great for skiing, hiking, biking and living in the mountains, but tight quads can really limit our mobility in the front of the pelvis as well as the side bodies. This tightness prevent us from feeling the joy and energy that comes from a nice, big backbend.  We will focus on opening the front and sides of the pelvis, which will free up the entire pelvic girdle, give you a sense of spaciousness in the hips and a new perspective of your spine. We will wrap up with pranayama and meditation.

Take this freedom and newly found perspective back to the mountains and into the rest of your life!



Mary Cate’s teaching is rooted in Classical Yoga, Tantra and Sri Vidya. She receives teachings from many great yogis through her main teachers, Rod Stryker and Panditji Rajmani Tigunait. In Mary Cate’s class, you can expect safety, fun, laughter, freedom, discovery, lots of breathing, rest, meditation and remembrance of who you really are.  She also happens to be an athlete and ski instructor in Snowmass.